Process after a prospect’s first call

After a call from a prospect, below is the process which needs to be followed to convert a prospect into a customer. Mail Make sure all walk-ins are sent away with a written quotation and the sales materials you’d mail to callers. E-mail respondents, unless you’ve qualified them over the phone and their interest level […]

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Components of Good Advertising of a Company

Effective Advertising Campaign Good advertising doesn’t happen in a vacuum, nor by accident; and it’s much more complex than simply creating attractive ads, coming up with some clever copy and slogans, and throwing some money at the media. Good advertising is the product of planning, targeting, evaluating feedback, and timing. You can do virtually everything right […]

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What your showroom should be?

For all the businesses that operate in the real  world, the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you what a showroom is, but to tell you what it should be. First and foremost, your decorated apparel showroom, which will display mostly undecorated apparel, should appear lo the first-time visitor as an immediate confirmation of your company’s […]

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Philosophies on Offering Styles and Brands to Customers by NW Custom Appparel

Here are some wisdom tips for veterans and newcomers about selling garments and what you should be offering your customers. There are three philosophies on offering various styles and brands to customers: One philosophy says that you should open your favorite wholesaler’s catalog or link it to your website and simply let your customer choose […]

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Seattle Custom Coffee Mugs

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 Custom Coffee Mugs Northwest Custom Apparel has been sourcing white custom coffee mugs for decades. The coffee mug is a standard C Handle Mug that is porcelain with your logo printed on the outside of the coffee mug. The mugs come in several different sizes. The 12 oz white mug is the most popular in […]

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