Pet Remembrance, Memorial and Funeral Shirts

Custom Pet Remembrance, Memorial and Funeral T-Shirts & Gifts We are pet lovers at NW Custom for over 40 Years. I just lost my Akita in May and know how you feel about your furry friend.  I just got my new dog, Burt a 6 month old Yorkie Poo and I am feeling much better. […]

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Micro DTG Factories

Amazon Technology Helps local Apparel Micro-Factories

Many believe Amazon only works with gigantic embroidery and apparel companies like Custom Ink, Logo Up, Nike and Land’s End. This was true a few years ago, but now Amazon is choosing local micro-factories that are located in the Seattle and Tacoma areas. A micro-factory is any factory that has less than 25 employees with […]

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Digital Garment Printing is superior

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There is a difference between DTG printing and Screen Printing The most important difference is that DTG printing uses water based inks which are safe for the environment. The process does not use harmful chemicals.  Screen printing inks contain carcinogenic compounds which can be harmful to a person and have been known to cause cancer. […]

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What marketing lessons can we learn from Jurassic World?

Bigger and faster don’t mean better The main dinosaur in the movie, the terrific giant Indominous Rex, is the result of a strong goal-oriented idea. Scientists and founders of Jurassic Park wanted to create the biggest and most aggressive monster on Earth so as to attract people and grow attendance at the park. Most companies, […]

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Creative Advertising: Then-and-Now’s of some of the world’s most famous brands

We’ll be exploring the topic by analysing campaigns of some memorable brands like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, etc. These companies have stayed a float in this ever-changing market for many years, but nobody does that without applying some changes here and there. Looking at how advertising has evolved over the years has made me think about […]

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Examples of brands using food in advertising

Roughly one fourth of social media shares are food related. Big brands have understood this and added social media to their marketing mix to generate online engagement and bring more customers through the door at their business locations. Virgin mobile – Social responsibility with Meal for a Meal While social streams and feeds are cluttered […]

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Marketing Ideas to Rock The Christmas Season

Christmas is the time to feel the holiday cheer and be around your loved ones, but if you’re running a business it is also the time to take advantage of the marketing opportunities the holidays offer. Reward your best customers When your business is doing better, make sure you do not forget about the faithful […]

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Why and How to Advertise during St. Patrick’s day

On March 17th, from New York City to Singapore, those in a festive spirit put on their favorite green T-shirt and drink till they pass out celebrate everything Irish. In Belfast alone, the yearly parade and concert attract thousands of people. Those are lots of potential pairs of eyes that could land on your brand. […]

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Tips on how to take care of your Printed Garments

We all know that clothes can change their shape completely when they’re not properly cared for, but did you know that they also lose their prints? We just don’t notice immediately because the colors fade away gradually. It’s not until several washes later when we realise how the image is not as vibrant as it […]

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What kind of techniques work for printing on hats?

Embroidery Embroidery is one of the classic technique for customizing hats. You’ve probably seen it in lots of caps, and that’s for good reasons: It stands up really well to the type of wear and tear most hats take It can also be sewn into tough materials that lots of hats are made of Embroidery […]

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