How to decide between Screen printing vs. DTG Digital Printing (DTG)

Now, how in the world do you tell which kind of printing you should use? Both screen printing and Direct to garment printing have their own qualities and specifications which makes easier for you to decide which way of printing to use in which case. Here are some scenarios by which you will find that […]

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The Art of getting Liked and Persuasion for your company

People either like you or they don’t and there is nothing that you can do about it, right? Although it is impossible to come up with a formula that will get everyone to like your company because each individual is simply too unique, it is still possible to increase your store’s likeability factor along with […]

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Creating a Good Brand Description

Describing your brand properly is a necessary skill for building a successful clothing line. Not only does it help clarify what your company is all about, it also shows that the people behind the brand are knowledgeable on what they’re selling and know how to present a great idea. Your brand profile should be included […]

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Custom t-shirt packaging ideas

Custom t-shirt packaging is something that can set your product and brand apart from everyone else. Here are some custom t-shirt packaging ideas to get you thinking outside the box. T-shirt packaging T-shirt packaging is an interesting twist on tees that you really only encounter when buying t-shirts online. T-shirt packaging represents the container or […]

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Things To Consider for starting a Clothing Company

Do you know how to code and design a website? If you responded NO to the question, you have to consider hiring a professional web designer. How many products do you want to have for your initial launch? If you think about how much a single shirt costs, and you think about your budget you […]

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Costs of starting a clothing company

How much do I need to start my clothing brand? This is a HUGE question and the simple answer is that there is no answer. So let’s break it down a little bit to help you assess your business and how much money you will possibly need. There are pretty much three types of companies. […]

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Insider Tip for Same Day Printed Shirts

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Real Example of How Fast We Print Shirts Today, September 6th 2016,  we had a success story with our same-day T-shirt Printing program at NW Custom Apparel. Yes, it’s the same-day T-shirt. You get your order in by 10am, we have it delivered by 5pm. Today, I had a customer contact me around 2:30pm. He […]

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