Northwest Embroidery Rebranding

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We are changing our name to NW Custom Apparel

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Text Effects

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Corporate Webstores and Fundraising

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[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Examples of Stores Arrow Lumber Hop Jacks Restaurant Kaps for Kids Fundraising YMCA Download E-Book How to create a successful Online Fundraising program Cozzi Fundraiser   Milton Police Fundraiser   [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widgets_ImageGrid_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] How to Create A Successful Online Fundraising Program With limited funding and tight budgets, many schools, organizations and nonprofits are desperate […]

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Digital to garment printing is superior to screen printing

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Digital to Garment is superior Digital to Garment printing is superior to screen printing on apparel. This is a bold statement but it is true. Have you ever been in a screen printing shop and seen the dirt and filth. Now fast forward and visit a DTG shop. No mess or filth anywhere Review of […]

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Digital Garment Printing is superior

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There is a difference between DTG printing and Screen Printing The most important difference is that DTG printing uses water based inks which are safe for the environment. The process does not use harmful chemicals.  Screen printing inks contain carcinogenic compounds which can be harmful to a person and have been known to cause cancer. […]

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Digital Garment Printing has arrived

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Same day Tees with DTG What is DTG all about? DTG or direct to garment printing is the newest form of decorating for apparel. This has created a rush to market by the traditional copy machine manufacturers. The problem created is that companies who are traditionally copy machine manufacturers are trying to enter into this […]

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Sales team grows 40%

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Our sales team is 40% more productive. What follows are a few questions which should be addressed by members of your sales department. The objective is to make them more productive. We at Deco Source in Tacoma ask ourselves these questions after making the dreaded cold call. How much does the rep listen during a […]

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Kalles basketball website

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Website sale of basketball uniforms a success. Have you ever been the group leader who is in charge of the apparel order for the team? Trust me I have and it is a real pain in the but. Trying to get everyone’s order together, trying to collect the money, determining the style and color, and […]

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Micro DTG Factories

How T-Shirts are Printed in Less than 8 Hours

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Same Day T-Shirt Printing Where can I get one or same day tee shirt printing? This is a question which is more common than naught. Consumers want instant gratification. This really puts a strain on the imprinted sportswear industry. Most companies doing apparel printing cannot offer same day or rush printing. There is actually a […]

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Amazon same day tee printing

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Is it DTG or Amazon Printing Amazon the world’s largest and best retailer has taken a gigantic step into the direct to garment apparel printing business. This is also referred to as on demand printing. This move validates Amazon’s goal of entering  “just in time delivery” for apparel products. Amazon goes first class Amazon has […]

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