Mandatory Safety Gear

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Safety gear used to be a convenience for construction companies. The companies who were at the head of the class regarding safety gear required their employees to wear it. Now it has become mandatory and every company is making their employees wear it. Mandatory colors The mandatory colors for safety gear are bright orange, bright […]

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Is your safety apparel legal?

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Selling Safety Safety gear is different from your regular logoed apparel. It has to be rugged, highly visible and legal. First the three colors which are acceptable and must pass muster. Brightly colored Orange, Yellow or Bright green are the only colors you can use. Blaze orange head wear is limited because you should wear […]

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Eddie Bauer distributed by NW Custom Apparel

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Eddie Bauer is one of the most popular jacket lines sold in the Pacific Northwest. This includes Alaska and western Washington. Eddie Bauer was born in 1899 and opened his first store in 1920. He later sold his interest for 1.5 million dollars. The company then shifted to casual clothing. Northwest Custom Apparel is one […]

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Athleisure comes to Seattle

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Athleisure wear This is the latest buzz word in fashion casual wear. It is clothing that can be worn in the gym and the office. This a piece you can put on in the morning and wear all day without being embarrassed. Northwest Custom apparel carries a complete line of Athleisure wear for its group […]

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Are you choosing the right fabric?

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Different fabrics explained We field a lot of customer questions regarding fabric differences. The difference in fabric type I what determines the cost of a garment. Inexpensive garments are just that they are made from an inexpensive fabric. Breathability What is breathability means that air can move through the fabric very easily and keep the […]

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Donate to Officer Jake Gutierrez

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Contribute to the officer Jake Gutierrez fundraiser Northwest Custom Apparel has set up a website for Reginald “Jake” Gutierrez who was shot and killed by responding to a domestic violence dispute in the city of Tacoma, Wa. Jake was well known as a street cop and an officer who was very highly respected. The website […]

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Internet vs local manufacturing

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Northwest Custom Apparel is a hybrid between a brick and mortar store and an internet store. We feel this is a very efficient business model. Internet Store Traditionally our competition processes their orders via the internet and converse with the customer via e-mail. This makes is very difficult for the customer to feel comfortable sending […]

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Holiday gifts in Tacoma

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Tacoma Embroidery Northwest Custom Apparel has its factory located in Milton. Milton is just a stone’s throw from Tacoma. That why when we reference Tacoma embroidery we say we do embroidery in Tacoma. The company was actually started in Tacoma in 1977. The company eventually moved to Milton in 1981 into a new building located […]

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NW Custom Apparel Summits Mt. Rainier

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Custom Commemorative caps Northwest Custom apparel makes custom commemorative caps for special events. In July 2010 the company made a special cap for George Dunn who made it to the top of Mt. Rainier for the 500th time. This is quite an achievement as of today there are only two guides who have made it […]

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we kick but on tee shirt printing

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If you want super fast tee shirt printing NW Custom Apparel is the company you should give a first look at. At NW Custom we will be celebrating our 40 year anniversary in 2017. It is unbelievable how the industry changed and time has flown by. The old method of tee shirt printing was to […]

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