What class of safety vest should I use

Posted by on 4:07 am in Blog, T-Shirts, Workwear Blank Vests as low as $5.99 Classifications of safety vests Safety vests are divided into three classification. The lowest level of visibility is class one. Class one is for people working a in a parking lot, ticket takers, grocery store bag attendants and workers who by need to meet low levels safety visibility and […]

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Dri Duck Jackets Oulaw 5087

Dri-Duck Outlaw 5087

When the weather gets cold and wet in Seattle, you turn to Dri-Duck to keep you and your crew warm and dry. The Outlaw 5087 has been NW Custom Apparel’s #1 work jacket since 2014. • 12 oz I 00% cotton Boulder Cloth Canvas with nylon quilted lining and 3 oz poly fill insulation. • […]

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Dri Duck Jacket 5087

Dri Duck Jackets

Dri Duck Jackets are ready for the Holidays! Custom embroidered Dri-Duck Jackets for your employees this Holiday Season. The Dri-Duck Style 5087  is a heavyweight 12 oz 100% quarry washed cotton blend using the patented “Boulder Cloth” canvas. This canvas holds up the weather of the Pacific Northwest. Triple Needle Stitching Corduroy collar bi-swing back: […]

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10 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important. It’s quite clear that now is a good time to solidify your relationship with your customers in a meaningful way. Here are 10 ways to […]

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Let them wear workwear: Back in the 18th century, Marie Antoinette was famous for having her very own little farm in the gardens of Versailles. The building included animals, a mill wheel and a barn. All specially designed to make the queen feel like she was in the countryside instead of the palace’s premises. She […]

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List of intelligent uses of Embroidery Method

Sports Teams It has to be said that the highest demand for embroidery services comes from sports teams and associations. It is basically for ‘stash’ and everybody loves it. It makes you feel special; like part of a team, wanted. It also advertises the fact that you are part of that association to other people […]

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The Wearing of Cool Band T-shirts

Types of band t-shirts That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most famous types of band t-shirts. The Album cover This one is self explanatory. Simply put, a t-shirt that features the cover of an album. Even if someone doesn’t know Nirvana they would probably still recognize this image. That is […]

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Fantasy Music Festival Merchandising

Following a relatively short moment of reflection, we decided that since we’re warming up to the festival season, it would be nice to sit back and fantasize about what kind of merchandising these festivals would have if we were hired to be the official designers. What we would then go on to imagine would take […]

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Best start-up T-shirts we’ve ever seen

T-shirts to start-ups are kind of like business cards to the characters in American Psycho: Everyone is furiously proud of their own and they try to show them off as often as possible. Dropbox We don’t have to explain Dropbox, we’ve all been using it for a while now. Their T-shirt is pretty straightforward in […]

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Ideas to Keep Your Employees Happy

Posted by on 8:24 am in Blog, Industry Tips, Marketing, T-Shirts, Workwear

It’s been proven — happier people make more productive employees! While having a happy workforce does make an office a nicer place to be, it can actually also result in monetary benefits for a company. Think about what you’ve most liked from your past jobs and employers. Then, see how you might be able to […]

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