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Cause Marketing with Custom Apparel


Cause Marketing with Custom Apparel

Northwest Custom Apparel believes in giving back to the community in forms of Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing involves a business and the community working together to raise money or awareness for a charitable cause. Every community has a person or family in need of assistance due to a major crisis such as an accident, death, medical problems or a horrific event.

Huge Success:
Northwest Custom Apparel has raised money for many major events in the Puget Sound region. The first crisis was back in November 2009 when the 4 Lakewood officers were gunned down in the Forza Coffee Shop. We created a Lakewood Police Memorial Cap and donated all the proceeds to the families of the fallen officers. The baseball cap was a huge success with the community members in the area. The cap was sold for $20.00 and we had citizens, officers and firemen lined up outside our door to buy the cap. The Ron and Don show picked up on the caps and blasted it all over the airways. The fundraiser got so big, that Ron and Don, Ivar’s and Northwest Custom Apparel worked together to raise even more money. Ivar’s donated all their profits for the day to the families. At the end Northwest Custom Apparel raised $31,000 in cap sales.

Web Store:
The summer of 2015, wildland fires were ranging east of the Cascades in Leavenworth and Twisp. Thousands of brave firefighters were battling the flames, however 4 firefighters were caught in the flames.  Three of the fire fighters died and Daniel Lyons was the only survivor and was severely burned. Daniel was also a reserve office for the Milton Police Department.
Northwest Custom Apparel had to help out their local police officer by raising money. We created a Heroes of Twisp Shirt and sold it for $30.00. The proceeds went directly to Daniel. We created an online webstore for the shirt and sold hundreds of shirts that raised $6,800.00


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