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The Checklist for Best T-shirt Printing Company


CommunicationGreat Customer Service

Great customer service is built upon four pillars: Communication, attention to detail, honesty and creativity. Simply put, customer service is about pleasing the customer, but not at the expense of the end product’s quality.

  • Communication requires not only talking, but also listening and being able to put yourself on someone else’s shoes.
  • We all want to work with positive people, but it is one thing to be an optimist and another to be deluded — often times the line that divides the two of them is very thin.
  • Creativity not only applies to putting a design together or matching colors, creativity is also necessary when solving an issue or finding the best possible action for a particular dilemma.


Needless to say, an experienced agency will have more tools at their disposal to help you achieve your goals. The best ways to corroborate an agency’s experience is by looking at their portfolio and testimonials.

  • When looking at an agency’s portfolio, look for work that might be similar to what you have in mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be able to get the job done if they don’t showcase something that looks like your design, but it will ensure a degree of confidence when handling your project.
  • It’s trendy now to have testimonials plastered all over an agency’s website. But be wary though, because testimonials can be taken out of context and sometimes even faked. A red flag to look for when reading testimonials is a vague tone.

distressed logoIndustry Knowledge

And with experience comes knowledge. In the apparel customizing world, industry knowledge will let you know what are the best printers, couriers and garments to get the best possible results. A good T-shirt printing company should also help you adjust your printing budget and expectations, giving the customer information about how the printing techniques work and their limitations.

Goes beyond printing

A printing agency should be more than a printing agency. Let me explain. Any company that solely exists on the realm of their business, like an island, it’s extremely suspicious. A trustworthy agency should develop relationships with other companies and past clients.


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