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Choosing the right business partners for your business


Starting your own business is a huge decision. After deciding to start your own business you should ask yourself a very important series of questions: “Do I want to take this idea and do it alone?” And “Does it make sense to work with business partners?” Figure out what is best for you and then take the next step.

partnershipIf you decide that working with partners/associates would be beneficial, the next question that is : “Where do I find these other people?” Honestly, you can find them anywhere. One of the biggest concepts in business is networking: your ability to meet and connect with people on not just a business level but a personal level. When making the decision whether to delve into a partnership over going solo you must be prepared to search actively. Be aware, that in order to find a business partner you must see eye to eye in the business sense as well as have meshing personalities.

Some Advice

Sharing makes a business work. Don’t just look at money signs, look at the pleasure you are going to get from building this business and seeing it succeed with the people you are sharing this adventure with. It is very important that if you are only focused on money you are missing out on the big picture of what will truly make you successful.

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Finding the right people for you to work with is first figuring out what traits and or experience would help to compliment you and benefit what you are trying to do.

Get It Started

Now you have all your business partners what do you do with them? Time to brainstorm on what is the focus of your clothing line and formulate some sort of semi organized structure or plan of attack. Along with this comes the whole part of deciding who is going to do what. Focus 120% of your efforts on one specific task and make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin or you won’t get the results that you want. Also don’t jump the gun, what has to get done before you can make any real moves. Make sure this happens but allocate effectively to your partners to make sure that they are all doing their part. The decisions you make in the brainstorming process will tell you if your group of partners is going to work well together. Have a big picture but think small.


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