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Christmas Gifts Embroidered for Employees from NW Custom Apparel

Employee Gifts for Seattle Businesses

Christmas 2018 is a great way to celebrate Christmas in your employees by giving out 100% polyester mesh sports shirts. When keeping your cool is a top priority, polos made of 100% polyester mesh are perfect for the job. The mesh’s fabric creates the ventilation to prevent heat buildup from even the smallest physical exertion. The lightweight nature of the fabric prevents any heavy feeling associated with absorbing perspiration, while the  properties of mesh ensure you’ll stay dry even during the most strenuous workouts.

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If you are a company looking to celebrate the holidays and are in the following target markets such as outdoor trades, service technicians, athletic departments, health clubs, and warehouse personnel, the 100% polyester mesh sports shirt is a perfect choice for you. Here’s a little buying tip from Northwest Custom Apparel. Asking the right questions will ensure that you find the perfect shirt for your needs.

Will the shirts be worn indoors or out, in what environments doing what activities? For higher intensity work, I suggest shirts with anti-microbial outdoor control. Out in the sun, choose shirts with UPF sun protection. Their customers will be happy with the product performance and will come back for your advice the next time they need business hereon. 100% polyester mesh sports shirts are available at Northwest Customer portal.

Order by Mid-October 2018 to Guarantee Deliver

Remember get your orders in by November and December, get them in early because production is limited, and we don’t want you to miss your holiday party. Northwest Embroidery is located South of Seattle by 30 miles, north of Tacoma by, Exit 137, Fife/Milton. Looking forward to the holidays and ho, ho, ho!


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