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What class of safety vest should I use


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Classifications of safety vests

Safety vests are divided into three classification. The lowest level of visibility is class one. Class one is for people working a in a parking lot, ticket takers, grocery store bag attendants and workers who by need to meet low levels safety visibility and are working in a area where traffic is less than 25 miles per hour.

 Must meet ANSI requirements

All are required to meet ANSI (American national standards institute.). These are standards for safety gear and are set by the controlling body who writes thsee standards is known as ANSI

Note you must make sure all your safety gear has the ANSI label in the back collar. Do not substitute because you will get a violation from a OSHA inspector.

Class one vest

Class one is required to have at a minimum 155 square inches of reflective tape. This is approximately 6 feet of reflective tap 2 inches wide.

Class two vest

The second and most common level of visibility is class two.  Class two sometime combines class 2 and 3. What class safety vest  do I need for my employees to wear on our job site?

Everyone needs some form of visibility for safety sake. It is the level of visibility you need.

This style vest is often referred to as a high vis or a high visibility safety garment. It meets all specifications of OSHA to ensure the safety of workers in high risk work areas.

Class 2 requires 8.3 feet by 2 inches of reflective tape.

Class three

Class three three because it meets minimum government standards and does offer a lot of visibility. These are the most used because of the high levels of visibility they give. Pants and jackets are added to meet this standard for traffic moving at over 25 miles per hour. Think hiway flaggers

Class 3 is in a league of its own. These are used on hiway projects by flaggers and have a lot of visibility. Minimum standard for reflective taps is 13 feet by 2 inches. This tape is put on pants, jackets, and vests and any where else it can be attached. We recommend you us a lot of reflective tape when you have people working in traffic.

Logo vest

Once you meet the requirements for safety vests its time to put them to better use by decorating the vests or jackets with a company logo. Its amazing how many companies do not take advantage of this form of advertising. Security companies, Landscapers, and anyone who works with the public should take advantage of this free advertising. Northwest Custom Apparel has a full line of custom decorated safety vests.


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