Co-branding with Nike


Promoting your brand with Nike

Nike is the most recognized logo in the world. It is on the same playing field as Coke, IBM, Ford, etc. They spend millions promoting their brand.

Now you have to opportunity to co-brand your company logo with Nike. Co-branding means you can associate your company logo right next to Nike. What a implied endorsement. It means your company has arrived.

Northwest Custom Apparel is a distributor of Nike apparel and now is permitted to offer it to innovative companies who want to take advantage of the Nike name.

Co-branding puts you in the big leagues

Co-branding with Nike means you are now in the big leagues. Nike has so many famous athlete endorsers promoting the number one brand in the world. It makes sense to have your company logo on apparel from Nike.

It would be foolish not to take advantage of a brand which continually receives awards for its creative adverting. Remember Mars Blackman and Michael Jordon. Those ads started in 1994 and are still as recognizable now as they were then. Nike is every where.

The Nike logo is on every NBA jersey. The amount of impressions is infinite.

The Nike line tells your customers you have arrived.

The Nike golf line is one way to tell your customers that you appreciate them when you are sponsoring your next golf tournament. Can you imagine the response when your client receives a Nike golf shirt with your logo on the same platform as Nike. This is one way to make a lasting statement that your company has arrived.

Northwest Custom Apparel has the complete offering of Nike golf apparel. The shirts are made from patented performance material exclusive to Nike only. The Nike collection is huge and consists of everything from basic cotton to high performance shirts endorsed by Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilory.

It makes sense to associate your brand with the number one brand in the world.


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