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How to collect data at events- The Simple Guide


Usually first-time event exhibitors and SMEs don’t put enough focus on gathering, managing and analyzing data at business events. There’s believe that these practices are intended for big companies, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The tools are there for anyone to use, if they know where to look. Here’s a brief how-to on how to gather data at events:


The event-organizing platform of choice should already allow a connection to an insights gathering tool. Easy-to-use registrations are necessary, just like data protection to ensure consumer trust. Some companies also integrate the organizing platform with their CRM tools like Salesforce or Boxever for follow-up procedures and presentation of their digital assets such as product videos, data sheets or free apps.


RFID equipped badges allow customers to check in at booths while at the same time companies can see exactly how many visitors passed by. Mobile apps can further enhance check-in functionality, and create engagement through gamification. Survey Anyplace is a platform that allows you to create fun and engaging surveys.

Using-social-media-at-eventsUse data to spark a conversation

Super Mobility Week, the industry’s hot spot for everything mobile, featured the audience in the conversation. Pre-event surveys in the lead-up were followed by social polls on Twitter during the event. The insights were then referenced by speakers and presented in the form of infographics, making the data accessible by those polled.

Collecting data at events

Digital forms and surveys have long replaced clipboards and multiple-choice paper questionnaires. Electronic surveys, when done right, can boast a remarkable completion rate at near-zero investment. Typeform is one of the companies dedicated to providing forms with great user experience that aim at flowing like a natural conversation.

Collecting-data-at-eventsSocial media

It’s not revolutionary to use social media to track your users, but don’t make the rookie mistake of disappearing too soon! Even after the event, social channels can lead you to valuable clues. Set up your dashboard in advance using Hootsuite, Google Alerts or Mention and track your event hashtag. You don’t have one of those? Create it right now!

Forms and surveys

Polling your audience can provide a wealth of information around your product, business, and presentation at the event. You can utilize surveys before the event, at your stand and in the follow-up, but be smart and use proper segmentation so as not to spam your customers. You can collect data from your attendees to evaluate their needs, get feedback on speakers and workshops, and collect email addresses of possible leads.

Target and track your audience

Whenever you can, use tracking during your event to target your audience. RFID technology, beacons or touchpoints will help you correlate collected data with your marketing efforts. Tracking and check-ins will show you how many attendees reacted to your targeted messages, emails or push notifications and how your content resonated with them.


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