Successful Seattle Businesses use Company Branded Apparel.

Stryker Medical Company employees stand in front of the Seattle Space Needle

Employees Stand Out with Company Branded Apparel

The first step in using company branded apparel is to look at your employee’s appearance. If you haven’t looked recently, you should. Moreover, look at what they wear and see if they are wearing clean and kept shirts. Likewise, are they dressing in apparel that represents your brand’s colors and logo scheme?

Next, take a look at your competition’s employees. Who stands out in the crowd and looks like transient people panhandling in Seattle’s Pioneer Square? You don’t want that to be your employees.

Seattle company branded apparel is how you separate a Seattle company that recognizes that the first impression they can make is through their employees. Look around at Seattle’s landscaping and construction companies, and whose image do you remember? They can be the best workers working for the best company, but if they are all wearing beat-up hoodies, it does raise the question.

Stryker Employees wearing white t-shirts with the Stryker Logo
Custom T-shirts are a great way to use branded apparel to stand out.

Successful companies dress their employees in Seattle Company Branded Apparel.

Nothing stands out better than a well-dressed and groomed employee working in the field. When they are wearing the company brand, they attract eyeballs. The old saying is if you aren’t going to “Toot Your Horn,” who will? The best source of prospects are people who see your employees at work, at the stadium, or grocery store.

Branded Apparel Provides Safety

SupposeBrand you send people out to do field work, looking like a bunch of unkempt ruffians. You just created one big potential problem. People won’t answer their door sometimes if a stranger knocks. Please put them in a company uniform or company branded apparel, which opens the world to your company.

Seattle construction companies require workers to wear orange safety vests with the company logo printed on the left breast. Seatle landscaping companies dress their outdoor workers in custom hats with custom embroidery on the front. Seattle public schools require contractors, teachers, and aids to wear the school logo embroidered on their sweatshirts and polos.

Safety Yellow Shirts, Safety Orange Shirts, Safety Green Shirts
Safety shirts come in popular colors like green, orange and yellow. Class 3.

Employees Wear Branded Apparel After Hours

Another benefit of outfitting your employees with custom embroidered apparel is that they will wear it after hours. What better way to have your company recognized at a church, booster club, or service club function? Branded apparel is a fantastic conversation starter when a stranger acknowledges your Seattle company logo and starts a conversation.

Think of all your employees in the Seattle and Tacoma communities wearing your branded apparel. Your employees now become ambassadors for your company.

Three Mean Wearing Company Branded Apparel that is embroidered.
Patriot Metal understands why wearing branded apparel is necessary to grow its business.

Where to Buy Custom Embroidery Near Seattle?

To conclude this short blog, I have a friend who has a very successful landscape company near Seattle. All of his workers are issued five shirts and two embroidered caps when then they are hired. His employees and his logo are easily recognizable in our Seattle neighborhood.

Since Northwest Custom Apparel has provided company branded apparel for Seattle and Tacoma and offers custom embroidery, DTG, screen printing, artwork, and embroidered caps.

Seattle Driving Directions to Northwest Custom Apparel

It is an easy 35-minute drive (23.9 miles) to Northwest Custom Apparel from downtown Seattle. Here are the directions from downtown Seattle to our embroidery factory.

  1. Head southwest on Madison St. toward 4th Ave.
  2. Turn right after the Seattle Bartell Drugs (on the left)
  3. Turn right onto the I-5 ramp headed to Portland
  4. Keep left, follow signs for Sea-Tac Airport I-5 South, and merge onto I-5 South.
  5. Use the left land to take exit 154A toward I-5 South to Tacoma
  6. Continue south on I-5
  7. Take exit 142B to merge onto WA-18 W toward S 348th St.
  8. Take Highway 99 South and Porter Way to Northwest Custom Apparel
  9. You will see our flashing LED reader board and two buildings. The first building is our embroidery shop, and the 2nd building is our sales office and showroom.
Seattle Skyline
Beautiful downtown Seattle is home to the Seattle Kraken, who have incredible branded company apparel.