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Company Merch Stores Make Seattle Employees Happy

HR managers at Seattle’s most prominent tech and construction employers – such as Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, and Google – are thrilled about the convenience of company merch stores. Employees can quickly sign up for their products online without HR needing to run around handing out flyers or collecting money; plus, experienced local embroidery shops quickly fulfill any custom apparel needs with fast delivery times!

Company Merch Store
Company Merch Stores are easy to manage, and your employees will be happy

Hassle-Free Company Online Stores

At Northwest Custom Apparel, we make it easy for your business to get the quality branded merch and custom apparel you need! Create a one-of-a-kind online Merch Store with colors, logos, and all kinds of embroidered t-shirts, jackets, polos & caps that meet YOUR specific needs. Plus, each employee will have sign-in access – so shopping is stress-free! Have any questions? Don’t sweat it – our customer service team is always ready to guide you through selecting what works best for YOU.

Merchandise Online Store Factory
Merchandise has been embroidered and printed in our factory since 1977

Product Recommendations for your Company Merch Store

To ensure a smooth ordering process and on-time delivery, we recommend sticking with 4 to 5 different products. To make the most of your web store selection, consider classic favorites like Northface and Carhartt jackets – #1 in Seattle! And don’t forget about vibrant caps or stylish polos for those warm days. Choosing the perfect color palette is essential, too – so get creative with hues that will bring out the best in your logo when added to garments from our official supplier lineup.

How Long Can I Keep Online Company Store Open?

Our Merch Store is like a pop-up shop: open for business periodically and only sticking around for an exciting 2 to 3 weeks before we shut it down, produce your order, then deliver! That way, everyone has the chance to snag their favorite items. And don’t worry if you forget – our store will open up just one more week later so those stragglers can get what they need too.

On-Demand Ordering

With our new delivery system, you can get your online store custom-stocked with just one item! Our cutting-edge DTG printing technology allows us to print any single t-shirt on demand. The only hitch? It comes at a slightly higher price for those individual items – but it’s worth every penny in convenience and choice!

Northwest Custom Apparel is Seattle’s Source of Embroidery

Signing up for Mech stores is a breeze! Give our customer service team at 1-800-851-3671 a call, and you’ll be guided every step of the way. So don’t wait – get what you need now with no hassle!


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