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Company Employee Web Stores are fantastic

Ordering apparel for employees or members of any group presents a real problem. The person in charge of coordinating the project has just inherited a major problem.

First Problem

The first problem is that one or two people in the group will have a friend who does screen printing or embroidery. They will push for their friend to get the order not knowing how unqualified the friend may be. Rule of thumb is select a company who can coordinate and do the order.

Problem two

The next problem is to select the product which will be in the company store. At NW Custom we make a full line of samples for the group to select from. Our samples include the product and sizing samples. It is a must to have sizing samples. Once the order is completed we don’t want returns for wrong sizes.

Store must be user friendly

The website or company store must be user friendly. At NW Custom we develop a website which is password protected and allows easy access for all members of the group. Once entering the website the member can make the selections. The key is to make it easy to shop and confirm the order. This is also a excellent way to control costs

Payment Options

The group member will select his or her items and finalize the order. For payment there are generally two options. Option on is to use a credit card and pay for the order and have have it shipped to the buyer.

The second option is to have the member select the product and enter their order. It is not necessary to pay for the product in option two. Each person is given a budget and when the order period is completed the group order is shipped to the company or group offices. Payment is made by the company and the goods are distributed. One check is issued and everyone is happy.

Set up a budget

Most companies prefer to give their employees a budget, direct them to the website to order, and handle the finances themselves.

Both programs are easy to set up and manage. It relieves all the stress of the person in charge of the annual apparel program.

Call us or visit our website and we will be glad to help. We can direct you to current web stores that are now active.


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