FAQ on Web-Stores

Types of Stores

Team Stores

Company Stores

Order Portal Stores

Fundraising Stores

Team Stores

Great for coaches that don't want to deal with apparel and collecting money.

  • Store collects the players order and payment. (no paper order forms)
  • Individually bagged and labeled
  • Coach hands out to players and DONE.


  • The store will be opened from 1-2 weeks, so team members can place their order.
  • The store will close and we will produce your order.
  • The store will reopen 1 week after your Team receives their order. 

Other Events and Fundraisers

  • Specialty Events
  • Homecoming Events (Powder Puff, Alumni)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Fundraising
  • State Playoffs

More Information

Company Stores

Human Resource managers are busy enough handling employees. HR Managers don't have enough time in the day to put together an employee apparel program.

Company Stores

  • Great for companies with 15 or more employees.
  • No more spreadsheets trying to keep track of employee's orders.
  • No more collecting money or payroll deductions.
  • Orders are bagged with the employees name.
  • Easy to distribute to employees.

Gift Cards

  • Great for Employee Incentives
  • Gift Card Discount Codes are provided to the employee to purchase online.
  • Your company has to only write one check for what your employees purchased.

Other Uses of the Store

  • Sales/Events (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)
  • New Hire Packs
  • Holidays: St. Patty's, 4th of July and Christmas (Ugly Sweaters anyone?)
  • High School Rivalry Games: Create shirts with your local high school's logo and your company's logo.


  • Embroidered and Direct-to-Garment Items with your company's logo are available 24/7 on demand.
  • Special Events and Holiday Parties: OPEN/CLOSED for two weeks to collect orders.
  • Please work with your sales rep on product offered on your store.
Order Portals

An Order Portal is basically a Company Store, but with two advantages.

  1. It is an order portal where several employees can order.
  2. Reorders are simple and fast

Example 1: Employee Uniform Program

  • You are an owner of a chain of restaurants.
  • You want your store managers to have the ability to order their employees apparel online.
  • You have specific garments that they can only order. 
  • You want the ability to track their orders.
  • The store managers would not have to pay at time of purchase
  • You will be billed monthly.

Example 2: Local Brewery order portal)

  • You have 10-12 different designs 
  • 1 person in charge of ordering
  • Easy to reference the design to order, since it is online.
  • No more emailing back and forth trying to describe what design you want on the shirt.
  • The shirt color and design will be listed online.
  • Easily add new designs and product
  • Simple reorders


Example 3: Lawn Care Service  (making reorders easy)

  • Owner of a Lawn Care service of 30 employees
  • You place 3-4  t-shirt orders during the summer.
  • We create a store with the products you reorder
  • Easy reorders: No more calling or stopping by to place reorders.
  • You can see your apparel and designs online. 
  • Pay online and we ship the order to you.



  • Reorders are easy
  • Easily add more items to your store.
  • Employees can view product online. No more emailing or posting flyers in your office.
  • Store stays open year round.


There would be minimum sized orders for each store. 

Fundraising Stores

A group wants to order 100 shirts to raise money for breast cancer awareness at their event.

  • They want to order 100 shirts to raise money
  • You can get support from all over the country
  • Ship to anywhere in the country. Raise money outside your event
  • Open 1 week before the event for presales.
  • Sell the shirts at your event.
  • Reopen the store after the event for additional sales.
  • You are raising money 3 different times:
    • Presales
    • At the event
    • After the event
How to Market Your Store

Marketing stores using social media can be a powerful, and often times like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • Facebook
    • Targeted Ads
    • Share/Tag Friends
    • Post on Fan Page or Group
  • LinkedIn
    • Best for Corporate Stores
  • Twitter/Instagram
    • Go to where buyers go

Non-Social Media Marketing

  • Email blasts
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Announcing at events
  • Word of Mouth


How much money can I raise?

School/Fundraising Stores: How it Works

We will write you a check on the proceeds raised by your store.

Pricing: The more you sell the lower the cost of the t-shirt.

  • Base pricing is based on our 24 unit pricing.
    • You sell the shirt for $20.00 on the site.  Your cost from us is $15.00 (24 unit price):  $20.00 - $15.00 = $5.00 You make $5.00 per shirt.
    • You sell 48 shirts on the site: Your cost from us goes down to $12.00 (48 unit price):  $20.00 - $12.00 = $8.00 You now make $8.00 per shirt
  • Your total profit if you sold 48 shirts is $384.00

Additional Info: 

  • Please speak with our sales reps to get everything setup
  • Checks will be written within 1-2 weeks of the store closing.
  • We will issue a 1099 at the end of the year. Please provide your tax ID # or SSN.


Sample Stores

Below are some links to some real stores

Pierce County Mustang Club

ILWU Local 98

NW Sample Store



Store Setup Time

The process of setting up the store can take 1-2 days if  all the logos are ready and garments picked out. Generally give it 7-10 business days

Do you need individual accounts to purchase?
  • If the employee is paying via a credit card, you would need to setup individual employee accounts.
  • If you have a manager placing the employees orders, we can bill your company Net 10 terms. You would just need an account for each manager ordering. I recommend this method. 
  • Coupon Code: We can give you a coupon code, so  your employees can order without a credit card. The order would then be billed Net 10 to  your corporate office to write a check. (this does require more bookkeeping on your end because you will have a bunch of single employee orders)
How many logos and garments can I add?


  • The web-store needs to be simple.
  • We recommend 1 logo and  4-6 different garment styles. (1-3 color garment colors per style) 
    • I.e. 
      • Polo Shirt:  1 embroidered logo on the left chest.  3 colors to choose from. Navy, Black, Gray

Offering different logos and a bunch of styles causes production and shipping issues. Please call us and we can walk you through the process.

Is there a brochure we can select items from?
  • Yes, here is the link to our apparel line. 
  • Remember to keep the product limited. Too many choices are confusing to employees.
  • Here is a link to our garment supplier: catalog.companycasuals.com/

Team Stores