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Competitive Businesses You Can Start Now


Tired of the boring old job? We’ve got some easy ideas for businesses that you can start now…
clothing-lineA clothing line

Think you’ve got the best ideas for what people should be wearing? You can actually set up a clothing line fairly easily. You’ll need some good ideas and a website that shows off your stuff, and there are a few tricks you can use to get images of a clothing line up quickly. If you design T-shirts, for instance, you can use mockups and templates to create an instant image of your design as worn on a real person. You also don’t have to print those tees until people actually order them thanks to print-per-order technologies.

virtual-assistantVirtual assistant

Being an online virtual assistant is just one of so many jobs that the internet has opened up. You can provide professional support remotely to clients to help their business keep up and running. Some virtual assistants work for an undermined period of time; others work on a specific project or task until it’s finished. They might do social media work, edit articles, help research a target market, respond to emails — basically, whatever the business needs.

Consulting service

You can offer consulting in lots of different fields. Think about something you already know about that potential clients might need assistance with. You could do social media consulting, management consulting or operation consulting — and that’s just to start!  What useful advice might you be able to give people?

writingFreelance writing

As a freelance writer myself, I can attest to the fact that you can start a freelance writing business almost instantly. You’ll need to send out pitches and probably set up a portfolio or website, but there are lots of opportunities to write. Just think of all the websites out there that need content! You can also try traditional media, like magazines and newspapers, as well as online sources.

Messenger or delivery service

There are so many companies and people who need things delivered or need a bit of help to do the running around. If somebody needs something fast, you could be the person to get it to them! This is another job you can set up on your own or you can try doing through an existing platform.

One last benefit of these jobs — your setup costs are fairly low, as are the risks. No new venture is ever zero risk, but as these jobs are pretty easy to set up, they’re also pretty easy to stop doing if you decide they’re not quite the right fit for you. But give it a go, and you may be surprised! You might actually find out being the owner of your own business is exactly the change that you were looking for.


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