How to contact an artist for your Clothing Line

Basically the more information you give to an artist the better they will understand your business and in turn the design will usually turn out better. Here is the checklist which can help you to contact an artist wisely.

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Introduce yourself

Who are you? Every artist wants to know who he is dealing with. When you send out emails to artists you should usually tell them about your clothing company, blog, and a small introduction about yourself. It’s an easy way to connect with people by introducing them about yourself and the credible work you have done earlier which can help them to attract toward your clothing company.

Tell them about your company

What’s your demographic, age group, who is going to buy your designs? Hype your clothing company and make the artists want to be a part of your clothing line.

Tell them about your project

Give them a solid idea to design off of. Sometimes you have to work with a designer to come up with good subject matter but usually the idea which is already polished in your head and just needs to be given to the right artist to get it down on the computer.

j501-watchman-fullbackLet them know how you work and what’s expected

Sit with the artists yourself and see rough drafts and sketches before they start inking. For some reason a lot of beginning designers will just go on their own and give you a finished design without you okaying anything. This is a recipe for disaster because the designer put tons of time into the work that may or may not be what you intended. Just make sure the designer knows that you want to see his progress to fix any problems along the way.

Payment details

Make sure everything is clear regarding the payment before they start. Total payment which is required to be paid to the artists? How much advance needs to be paid? Everything should be clear about the payment and when the payment will be done.