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The Coolest Startup T-shirts Ever Seen

T-shirts to startups are kind of like business cards. Everyone is furiously proud of their own and they try to show it off as often as possible.

That’s the main reason why you can see almost every single start-up with its own peculiar t-shirt. Out of all the businesses out there, if there’s one type that stands out due to its uniqueness and willingness to change the game, that’s the start-ups.

splitter-t-shirtAnd because of that, we perfectly understand the needs they have. Straight forward:

1) The t-shirt needs to be badass, needs to be cool. People should want to wear it just because it’s nice. Design something that could be found at a t-shirt store.

2) If you want a message on the t-shirt, it should truly communicate whatever your start-up does. Don’t come up with a crazy old fashion slogan, simply say it.

3) Using slangs is more than welcome. We are here to change the way we’ve been doing and seeing things.

4) The design is important, but so it is the quality of the t-shirt.

Splitter T-shirt

Splitter is a startup that offers link targeting services. Their system promises to find potential customers in a more effective way. Their t-shirts are simple, but they have been printed using Screen Printing which usually means good quality. In the end I appreciate a t-shirt that will last longer and feels great when you touch it, rather than a fancy garment that will fall apart after a couple of washes.

DropboxDropbox blue T-shirt

We don’t have to explain what Dropbox does. We’ve all been using it for a while now. Their t-shirt is pretty straightforward in terms of design, but it works. What’s worth noting is the fact that the garment is in the color of the company and not the other way around which is usually the case.

Ember simple t-shirt design

Ember is a startup that offers other companies tools to develop their own apps. What makes it different from other programming startups is their image, which is soft and approachable in comparison to those of its counterparts. Their tee is simple, a grey garment with their logo on it, but it works because the orange and the dark grey create an interesting contrast.


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