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What if Countries Were Sponsored by Brands?


Top Brands Sponsoring Countries!

coca_cola_USAUSA as sponsored by Coca-Cola

What has the world’s most famous soft drink NOT done to spread brand awareness short of painting the moon in its signature colors? In reality, Coca-Cola’s long history of sports sponsorship spans the Olympic Games, football, tennis and FIFA with support at all levels. The brand seems to be moving heaven and earth each year to establish the association with Christmas anew – it greatly helps their marketing that the brand colors are basically identical to the ones of Santa Claus*. In the United States of Coca-Cola, they surely would extend that association to the quintessential American values themselves – Life, Liberty and the pursuit of chilled Coke.

corona_mexicoMexico as sponsored by Corona

Do you take your Corona Extra with a wedge of lime, or without? Quick, which is the correct answer if you want to pass the Mexican citizenship test? If Corona were to sponsor the entire country, football and NASCAR would of course be associated with the brand. There would be no Margaritas – the only cocktail you could have in all of Mexico would be the Coronarita, a Margarita drained in beer.

southkoreaSouth Korea as sponsored by Samsung

South Korea is already the world’s most innovative country and among the richest in the world, with chaebols such as Samsung as the driving force behind it all. What if the multinational conglomerate company took over sponsorship of the entire country? South Korea would be turned into a tele-democracy in no time, made possible by ubiquitous Samsung screens and touch-screens of all sizes.

UKEngland as sponsored by Barclays

“Barclays – We are football.” Barclays would not only sponsor the Premier League, but all of England’s football. They would also be the sole sponsor of PGA European Tour and ATP World Tour Finals. Citizens would grudgingly accept the monopoly of the bank, and who knows, maybe the Barclays Cycle Hire bike-sharing system would even work and be used by the general public? However, your average Brit would surely find reasons to complain: either about too many supermarket ATMs or too little actual bank branches.

australiaAustralia as sponsored by Vegemite

Would those Australian cheeks be rosy if Vegemite sponsored the country! With We love our Vegemite as the national anthem, who could forget to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and tea? Every toddler could already tell you that being rich in B vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, Vegemite is practically its own food group. Candy and chocolate would be unheard of in Australia, at least the kind that wasn’t filled with the vegetable paste.


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