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Create an Environment to present your T-Shirt brand online


Shooting images of your custom clothing in the environment that you think represents how they should be worn is a no brainer. Here are a few tips on how to create your brand’s “look and feel”.

apparelsCreate a Mood Board. As the first step of the process, a mood board will help you visualise and put on paper the ideas you have in your head. It will also serve for future reference when you’re deep into the production process. Long gone are the days where designers created mood boards with hand-made collages. Nowadays there are online sources like Pinterest and Designspiration that allow you to get creative without getting your hands dirty. A mood board should represent the general feel of your brand. Your inspirations should be there. If you’ve never created a mood board before, here’s a useful guide on how to do it.

Ask around. Go up to your family and friends and ask them how they see your clothing brand. What type of environment do they think your garments belong to? What kind of people do they think should wear them? The opinion of a third person might give you a new perspective on your project.

hawk-shirt-printedDo some Research. Do you have a target audience? If so then you need to ask yourself where this people hang around. If your label is a bit more corporate maybe that place would be an office, but what kind of office? A stylish office? A regular old office? Or Google’s offices?

Shoot. Pictures, sometimes there’s just no better feeling than walking around with a camera (or smartphone) looking for inspiration. See a beautiful building? Take a picture of it. Spot an interesting looking bloke? Take another picture. You may be surprised at how inspiration can strike when you’re just walking around.


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