Creating the best logo for your clothing line

Qualities a logo needs to have

In order for a logo to be a good representation of a brand, it needs to check certain boxes. Opinions on what makes an effective logo vary from designer to designer, but as a general rule logos should:

converse_logoStill be recognizable regardless of size

Logos are placed in all sorts of mediums: from physical, like stationery and billboards, to online platforms like websites and apps. As awesome as it might be, it is not practical to have a logo that would end up looking like a fly when it is reduced in size. The other way around is not much better either, to amplify something that’s poorly constructed only highlights its flaws.

Due to its simplicity, Converse’s logo works pretty well on any size.

Work in Black & White

When we conceptualize, it’s normal to get caught up in the moment and forget about certain important details. We may come up with some gorgeous colors, only to realize that it doesn’t translate to a monochromatic setting.


Moose Radiator & A/C embroidered logo by Northwest Custom Apparel

Work in negative

Aside from being functional in greyscale as well as full color they should also work well when they’re inverted.

Be timeless

A logo that needs to be redesigned every five or ten years is not an effective one. Logos need to be timeless in order to become a recognisable staple in the consumer’s eye.

Represent the brand

It might be a no brainer, but a logo needs to represent a brand. It doesn’t have to be obvious, a t-shirt brand does not necessarily need to have a t-shirt on the logo, but it still has to reflect the values and target audience of the brand.

Work on different formats

As with sizes, logos will be represented in all kinds of formats (business cards, powerpoint presentations, photocells and many other mediums). A very intricate design may look great on a computer screen, but will probably lose detail when it gets printed on a business card.