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Creative Advertising: Then-and-Now’s of some of the world’s most famous brands


We’ll be exploring the topic by analysing campaigns of some memorable brands like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, etc. These companies have stayed a float in this ever-changing market for many years, but nobody does that without applying some changes here and there. Looking at how advertising has evolved over the years has made me think about how much the world has evolved and our priorities changed. 50 years ago, it was very straight forward, all that mattered was the product and its features. Nowadays, however, we have countless choices and it all comes to branding.

Here are some then-and-now’s of some of the world’s most famous brands:


We are sure that most of you didn’t know the rough beginnings of the brand. Not only was Ronald McDonald creepy as hell, but it was also very unappetising. Would you eat a hamburger after that? Nowadays, McDonald’s is more than just fast food, it’s a concept. This is exactly what they’re saying in their 2015 campaing: bringing people together. A much better way to sell burgers.


They are another example of a brand that hasn’t changed their advertising strategy. They’re still promoting the same product characteristics: Kellogg’s transforms a little boy into a superhero. However, the commercials nowadays are much more appealing. Tempting you to go and buy cereals, now.

coca-colaCoca Cola

Coca Cola, they just keep amazing us with their creativity. They are the perfect example of how our behaviour towards products has evolved over the years. The very first commercial from Coca Cola talks only about the features of the product and what makes it unique, while in 2015, the brand advertises a feeling. Incredible right? After 65 years, Coca Cola still manages to get to our hearts.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the very few brands that stuck to the original concept, adapting only the design. From the outside, it looks like a huge evolution, but if you look closely, the concept is still the same: Share and enjoy the delicious taste of Pizza Hut.


This example is similar to Coca Cola: basic product vs branded product. What do Pringles and Coca Cola have in common? They were the first in the market to come up with a unique formula for their type of product. Back in the days, when the characteristics of the product were the only focus, that type of advertising worked great. Now, Pringles just wants to inspire you a certain feeling that will make you choose their brand. Impressive change again.


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