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Creative Customized Apparels as giveaway for a perfect event


A giveaway is an opportunity for you to cause an everlasting impression on your attendees. Not to mention the marketing opportunities. Give them something valuable and they’ll fondly remember you for months afterwards, if not years. A well thought-out giveaway is not only useful for your attendee, but will also reinforce your brand.

Customised Apparel

When it comes to giveaways, probably nothing is as easy or practical as garments. The benefits are many. First, they’re easy to produce. Second, they’re great for marketing as they will carry your logo long after the event is over. Third, the more you produce then the lower the price per unit will be and four, everybody and anybody can wear them!

Kornit Printed T-ShirtsT-shirts

What can we say about the all-mighty T-shirt that hasn’t already been said? Everybody owns them, they’re easy to wear and on top of that, their marketing possibilities are almost endless. They just might be — do we dare say it? The perfect giveaway.


The T-shirt’s bigger and fuzzier cousin. While they’re a bit more expensive to produce, hoodies can be a great giveaway, particularly for events that take place during the colder months.

1283702Polo Shirts

They’re less common as a giveaway than T-shirts and even hoodies, but for the proper event they might be just right. A golfing event comes to mind (I wonder why). If a piqué polo shirt is too costly, one can always go for a jersey polo which is less expensive. You can find more information on polos and their materials here.


They make really good giveaways for the same reasons as T-shirts. With the difference that vests are probably more appropriate for a sporting events or an occasion in the warmer months.

Richardson Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps

In our personal opinion, headwear has a marketing potential that hasn’t been exploited enough. Hats remain visible when a T-shirt can be covered with a jacket, for example. Keep in mind that the only way to customise baseball caps is with embroidery which gives them a perceived higher value.

Tote Bags

Tote bags have become the darlings of corporate events as of late. They’re a safe choice because they’re not only trendy, but can also provide a way for the user to carry other giveaways.


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