Creative Ways to Fold Your T-shirts

Learning how to properly fold a tee might sound like a waste of time, but you’d be surprised by the benefits of having an organized wardrobe. A uncluttered drawer saves time in the long run, allows you to fit more stuff and extends the life of your pieces. If your business evolves around clothes then the more important it will be for you to learn proper folding techniques. Nothing screams “amateur” like buying a t-shirt online, only for it to be all wrinkly when you receive it.

Stores FoldFold a t-shirt like in the shops

Wouldn’t you like your t-shirts to look as organized as they do on the shelves of high street shops? Once folded perfectly, your t-shirts can be stored in a smart way, allowing you to get a better grasp at all the garments you own. Whenever to put them on, they’ll look like they’ve just been ironed.

Save time by folding your t-shirts while standing

Life too short to fold a t-shirt, we hear you say? Not if you can do it in seconds, and still end up with a perfect result. You won’t even need a flat surface to fold your t-shirts using this method, you can do it standing up!

japan foldHow to fold your t-shirts the Japanese way

The Japanese are known for their neatness and their t-shirt folding techniques are no exception. You might want to try one extra fold at the end to help your t-shirts fit into your drawer. This will make it easier to see them all and you won’t have to root around at the bottom of the pile looking for your favorite one and in the process mess up your immaculately arranged drawer.


Folding long-sleeved t-shirts

Just when we were getting the hang of it! Here come the long-sleeved t-shirts! Worry not, organising consultant Marie Kondo is here to help you. The method is basically the same, with just a couple of extra folds to ensure you don’t end up with the arms flapping out of the sides of your cleverly folded garment. Of course, you can also hang them in your wardrobe, but why not save that space for other garments and sort your drawers or shelves into long and short-sleeved t-shirts?

Army FoldFolding: Military style

This one looks a bit like you’ve screwed your t-shirt up in a ball, but it really does work in terms of eliminating the creases and saving space. This method is particularly useful when traveling as it saves a lot of space in your suitcase.

Make your very own t-shirt folding board!

So you’ve learned all about these neat folding techniques and you’re still not interested, then why not use a t-shirt folding board? Yes! Such an item does exist. Usually made of heavy duty plastic, this revolutionary tool ensures perfectly folded t-shirts every time. It’s great for retailers, t-shirt manufacturers and t-shirt printers who want to get a truly professional finish to their t-shirt folding. It saves time trying to create the perfectly folded t-shirt and is really easy to use.