Creative wedding giveaway ideas for a perfect day

wedding-giveaways-1Personalised wineglasses

There are lots of ways you can personalize a wineglass, from adding the couple’s initials to using a meaningful quote. These would be perfect if you’re having a wedding at a winery, for instance.

Personalised glass or cork coasters

If you have a slightly bigger budget, you could perhaps create matching glass coasters to go along with your wineglasses. Or, you could gift them separately, particularly if your guests aren’t big drinkers. There are plenty of companies that let you customize both, like this one here.

wedding-giveaways-3Sunglasses for the ceremony

If you’re having an outdoors wedding at the height of wedding season, chances are you’ll get a lovely sunny day (we hope!). Have some sunglasses with a message on the side that people can grab if they happened to forget their sunnies at home.


A magnet is a nice little gift because they’re so easy for guests to carry home. These would be great if you’re having a destination wedding or a lot of your guests are coming from quite far out of town. You can also use these as a save the date rather than a traditional piece of paper. Seeing a magnet on your fridge every day is a great way to avoid forgetting that an event is coming up.

wedding-giveaways-5Bottle openers

We’ve seen everything from glittery hearts to bottle openers that spell out “Love” to traditional ones with an engraved phrase or date. Again, not a great gift if your guests are teetotalers, but for the right crowd these are handy and pretty at the same time. Perfect giveaway for a wedding on the beach.

Personalised T-shirts

These are another light, easily packable gift for your guests that they can take home with no fuss after the ceremony. Make them so they match the theme for your wedding. You could also make special ones for people like the wedding party or the couples’ families. There are so many ways to get creative, and who doesn’t love a good T-shirt?

A packet of something sweet

Homemade cookies? A small box of donuts? Take-home s’mores kits? Whatever your favourite sweet treat is, everybody loves getting something delicious to eat. Add a finishing touch with a custom label, and you’ll have a small gift that will appeal to all sorts of guests.