Custom Artwork


One of the most important factors in producing great looking embroidery, screen printing or printed apparel is having good quality artwork. Clean artwork will save time and money on your order, since extra charges for redrawing it will be reduced or eliminated. If you have a digital file of your logo, please email it to our Customer Success Team. Our artist, Steve, has a been creating custom artwork for over 30 years. Steve enjoys working one-on-one with clients to brainstorm ideas and work with your vision. Believe it or not, Steve can actually draw with a pencil and paper unlike many graphic artists that can only work on the computer. Steve enjoys illustrating, sketching and computer graphic programs such as Photoshop and Corel Draw.

Custom Art Tips:

  • Relax and be creative. Bounce your ideas off friends, family and co-workers. Ludicrous ideas are better than NO ideas. It only takes 1 idea to make it a million-dollar idea.
  • Bounce your ideas off Steve and he can create you a preliminary sketch.
  • When working in a group, please have only have one person that can make the final decision. You will go insane when you let the group start making changes to the artwork.
  • Collect any artwork you have done in the past and show Steve.
  • Search for ideas on the internet, so Steve can have a starting point.
  • Work with Steve in person to brain storm ideas. It’s difficult to convey ideas when working over email only.
  • Steve’s rates are $60.00 per hour.

Please contact our Customer Success Team to schedule an appointment with Steve.


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