Everything You Need to Know About Custom Embroidered Caps in Seattle

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Embroidered Caps Are Great For Promotions

With so many marketing and promotional options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your custom project. Embroidered caps are one of the most popular options out there because they’re both affordable and highly effective in terms of marketing impact. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why embroidered caps could be a great choice for promoting your company or organization in the Seattle area. We’ll go over their benefits and how to use them effectively within your marketing strategy.

Johnny Utah Pale Ale Cap Seattle
One of Erik Mickelson’s favorite beers in Seattle is Johnny Utah, and his favorite cap is Richardson.

Choose an embroidered cap that fits your company’s style

Custom caps are incredibly useful for everyday life and are worn when commuting to work, on the job site, or on a chilly Seattle winter day for extra warmth. Customized headwear makes fantastic gifts or promotional items for the office. People already love and wear custom hats so adding your logo to them won’t be intrusive – it’s fashionable!

We offer a wide range of caps that are ready for your company’s logo. Our range of hats includes beanies, trucker hats, dad caps, baseball caps, and custom straw hats in various designs and colors. Our custom hats provide comfort and visibility for your brand, which is perfect for custom headwear projects.

Custom Patch Beanies

Custom patch beanies are an ideal way to keep employees warm while also promoting your company. Construction workers often wear them underneath their hard hats to stay warm on the job. Beanie hats come in a variety of colors, including safety orange and green for job site visibility. Other applications for custom beanies are sewing and heat sealing custom patches on the beanie that gives it the ultimate custom look.

Custom Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are a popular style of headwear that is perfect for outdoor activities. They come in a wide range of colors and feature a mesh back and an adjustable snapback closure, making them comfortable and easy to wear. The front panel is ideal for embroidery, allowing you to use a custom approach to your logo in an eye-catching way. Trucker hats are a great way to promote your business while keeping your employees cool during the Northwest summer months.

Orange, Camo and Royal Blue Baseball Caps
Custom Trucker Caps come in a variety of colors and styles customized with embroidery for your corporate team

Dad Caps

Custom Dad caps are classic baseball caps with curved brims and adjustable straps in the back. They come in various colors and fabrics, making them versatile enough for uniforms and office work. Custom Dad Caps make great promotional gifts for your entire business team.

Bucket Caps

Bucket Caps are ideal for showcasing a company’s individuality with their vibrant fabric colors, such as tie-dye and garment-washed fabrics. No matter the occasion or atmosphere, our selection has something for your entire team, from corporate events to company barbecues. We offer many different colors and styles of bucket hats, so you’re sure to find the ultimate custom deal on custom embroidered caps.

Other Types of Custom Hats

There are many other types of custom caps and styles for custom logo embroidery available for custom hat designs. The Pacific Northwest community loves custom logo hats that are functional, durable that are perfect for custom embroidering. High-quality, low-cost custom hats are available when you bulk-buy custom caps from custom apparel printers in Seattle that are custom apparel experts

Fleece Headbands

Fleece headbands showcase your fashion sense and add a special flair to your look. Making a fashion statement and being different from the rest is easy with a wide range of custom-printed headbands. A one-inch custom print can be added to the front of a headband, creating a special and individualized look with your logo or design. In addition, they come in a variety of colors including black, navy, and white.

Mega Cap in Los Angeles has low-profile structure fashion caps with fiber optic lights. As a result, you can have blinking lights on your hat. It runs off a double A battery. Above all, it can light up your company logo: blinky lights and 3D Puff stitching for parties and tradeshows.

Custom Blinking Light Caps

At Northwest Custom Apparel, you can choose from attractive low-profile structured caps featuring fiber optic blinking lights in your logo. Your logo is illuminated with lights to give it the same eye-catching visuals as a Las Vegas casino sign. In addition, your company logo can be illuminated at tradeshows and corporate holiday celebrations. Enjoy the festive atmosphere with our blinky light caps..

Aussie Outback Hats

Many people in Seattle are embracing the classic Aussie Outback Hat as a fashion accessory, a hat reminiscent of one made popular by the iconic Crocodile Dundee. The timelessly stylish Akubra Cattleman hat is one of the most popular choices, suitable for any occasion. On this Australian hat, a company logo can be lasered into leather patches and sewn onto the front of the hat. 

Embroidered Golf Rope Caps

Custom golf hats or “Rope Caps” are garnering attention in the cities of Seattle and Tacoma. This is a golf-embroidered cap topped with a braided rope above the brim. Companies in Seattle are buying these rope caps and having their logos embroidered on the front for various golf tournaments in Washington State. Custom patches are popular on the front of rope caps since they are a perfect custom solution for logos that have detail. Sublimated patches allow your logo to have detail and an array of colors that look great on a range of custom hats. 

Head Band Man Wearing
Embroidered Head Bands make good giveaways at tradeshows.

This list of the most popular cap brands in Seattle was last updated on February 19th, 2023. When choosing custom caps and hats for your business, organization, company retreat, clinic, construction company, golf team, or any other group (large or small), we suggest looking into these brands.

Port Authority Custom Caps

They are a Seattle cap and apparel company started in 1971 by Marty Lott. Port Authority offers a range of custom hats with numerous styles to choose from and over 500 fabric colors. Their warehouse is located in Preston, WA so shipping is fast and economical. Northwest Custom Apparel is a primary embroiderer and distributor of the Port Authority line of caps.

New Era Custom Caps

New Era made its way into the corporate cap market by launching its most popular styles of caps in a wide selection of color options. The type of person that likes New Era is usually the coach of a softball team that wants to keep their team warm. Northwest Custom Apparel chooses New Era for its extensive selection, popular styles, and excellent catalog selection.

Richardson Headwear

These caps are popular type among youth and high school athletes. Police and Fire departments have their insignia embroidered on the front and the individual’s last name on the back. You may have noticed Richardson Sportswear caps being worn by police officers on the show On Patrol Live. The Nye County Nevada Sheriff’s department has adopted the Richardson Cap as their iconic emblem and can be seen wearing them during their patrols every Friday and Saturday night on TV.

How Do You Embroider Hats?

Creating embroidered caps is achievable with the right equipment and an experienced operator. An 8-Head embroidery machine stitches caps. For efficiency, we prefer to use an 8-head machine as caps typically come in boxes of 24, requiring 3 embroidery runs per box. After stitching the caps, we trim the extra threads, quality inspects them, and package them for shipping. We now offer low-minimum cap orders with the addition of our single-head Tajima machines. If you need 1 custom cap we can stitch it for you. The pricing for a single embroidered cap is $45.00 with a one-time digitizing fee of $100.00. Bulk discounts are available when you order 24 or more custom embroidered caps.

How Much Does It Cost for Custom Embroidered Caps

We require a minimum order quantity of 24 caps for custom embroidery, as the caps come in boxes of 24 and we use 8-head embroidery machines. It is preferred that all 24 hats are the same in terms of color, style, and custom logo, as well as thread colors. Our in-house embroidery team is highly skilled to stitch your embroidered 8,000-stitch custom logo which creates a custom value rich look. You’ll only pay the $100.00 digitizing fee once for your order, and it will not be charged again for any subsequent reorders. Quick turnaround time is important with the standard production time being 7-10 business days For bulk orders of the New Era NE1000 Cap with 8,000 stitches on the front, here is Northwest Custom Apparel’s 2023 pricing breakdown.

24-47 Pcs Per Style, New Era NE1000 Caps (includes 8,000 stitches)$22.00
48-143 Pcs Per Style, New Era NE1000 Caps (includes 8,000 stitches)$20.00
144-575 Pcs Per Style, New Era NE1000 Caps (includes 8,000 stitches)$19.00
576 or more Pcs Per Style, New Era NE1000 Caps (includes 8,000 stitches)$18.00
Bulk Discount Pricing for Embroidered New Era NE1000 Caps with an 8,000 stitch front Logo. One-time digitizing Setup of $100.00
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Owner Jim Mickelson wearing one of the first patch caps in Seattle in 1977.,

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