Custom Embroidered Emblems

Custom Embroidered Emblems

Northwest Apparel has been making embroidered patches since 1977. We started manufacturing patches in 1977 and are the only company in the pacific northwest who can offer Made in USA products.22053 PO55930 QY-54764-YC5214-031513

Rock bottom price

We also source patches from our Cambodian factory for those who need a absolute rock bottom price and can wait at least 4 weeks for delivery.

Place an order

To place an order call or e-mail Northwest Custom Apparel. [email protected] 253-92-5793

You can submit your art work through our website¬†we evenhave a live chat button for those who don’t want to call.

We ask that you send us clean artwork in a high res format. We also accep;t Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or better yet a existing patch that we can duplicate.

Price for emblems

Pricing is determined by quantity and size of emblem. We try to quote every order individually because of the complexity of some designs.

We will provide a jpg sample of your patch within a week for your approval. If you want a actual sample it takes a little longer as we have to fly it in from our overseas factory.

Made in the USA

We so offer “made iin the USA patches” but they are a little more expensive.

Embroidery coverage iis the amount of thread used in making a emblem. If we can use the background material as part of the design it will be less expensive. 100% thread coverage actually takes more time to produce (machine time) and the price is a little more.

We offer heat seal backing on all patches. This makes it easy for you to apply with a home steam iron.

How many colorsQY#54955_21622_YC5433_0402013

Please try to limit the colors in the design to 12 colors max.

A rule of thumb in designing your patch is that if you can draw it with a sharpie we can make.

Look forward to hearing from you [email protected] for more information.