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Improving Your Construction Site Safety with Custom Hi-Viz Shirts



Construction sites are busy, hazardous places in Seattle. It is essential to keep workers safe while on the job, and custom hi-viz safety shirts can effectively do that. By providing your workers with custom-printed hi-viz safety shirts, you can ensure that everyone on the job site is visible and easily identifiable. This blog post will discuss some of the benefits of using custom hi-viz safety shirts for construction workers.

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Safety hoodies and vests are perfect for landscape uniforms

Increased Visibility and Identification

The primary benefit of using custom hi-viz safety shirts is increased visibility and identification. Hi-viz clothing is designed to be highly visible in a wide range of lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to dimly lit construction sites. By outfitting your workers with custom hi-viz safety shirts, you can guarantee that all personnel on the job site are easily identified and accounted for at all times. This helps improve communication between workers and management and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries due to people not being seen or heard in time.

Professional Appearance

Custom printed hi-viz safety shirts also provide a professional appearance on the job site. Not only will they make your workers more visible, but they will also help create a sense of unity by having them wear matching uniforms. This can positively affect your employees’ morale, leading to improved productivity and efficiency throughout the entire team. Additionally, having your crew look unified will help promote your business’s brand identity when dealing with clients or customers who may visit the job site.

Durability & Comfort

Finally, custom-printed hi-viz safety shirts are durable and comfortable for construction workers to wear during their shifts. These garments are made from 100% flame-retardant material that can withstand harsh working conditions quickly without showing signs of wear and tear. They also feature breathable fabric that allows air circulation while still providing adequate protection against dust or debris particles entering the shirt when working outdoors in windy conditions. These shirts are designed with comfort in mind so that workers won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them all day long on hot summer days or cold winter nights.


Custom printed hi-viz safety shirts offer many benefits for construction sites, such as increased visibility and identification of personnel on the job site, improved professional appearance through uniformity among employees wearing matching garments, as well as durability & comfort when working in tough conditions outdoors for extended periods throughout various seasons of weather extremes across Washington State. For business owners looking for ways to improve their workplace safety standards at construction sites while promoting their brand identity via unified uniforms amongst their workforce – custom printed hi-viz safety shirts should be considered an excellent investment option.

With these factors combined – it is no wonder why custom printing high visibility workwear has become increasingly popular amongst businesses across Washington State over recent years. The bottom line is that investing in high-quality custom printed hi-viz safety shirts for your employees will pay off dividends in terms of greater workplace safety levels, increased productivity, better employee morale, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand identity, plus much more! So what are you waiting for? Get started today by calling Northwest Custom Apparel!


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