Custom-Printed Safety Vests for Asphalt Road Crews


Up your Safety Game with Custom Printed Vests

Keeping your asphalt road crews safe should be a priority for any business. High-visibility safety vests can help ensure your crew is seen and identified even in low-light conditions or when distracted drivers are present. But why settle for plain, generic vests when you can get custom-printed ones that will stand out? Here’s what you need to know about custom-printed safety vests and how they can improve safety on the job.

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Safety hoodies and vests are perfect for landscape uniforms

The Benefits of Custom-Printed Safety Vests

They Provide Visibility

Custom-printed safety vests are designed to be easily visible and identifiable in all conditions, including low light and foggy weather. The bright colors in the printing make it easy to identify your crew from a distance. Custom-printed safety vests can also include reflective stripes or logos that make it easier to spot your crew in dark or foggy conditions.

They Provide Identity and Branding

In addition to visibility, custom-printed safety vests also provide a sense of identity and belonging for your asphalt road crews. Having everyone wearing the same vest with the same logo or design will help create a sense of pride among them and foster camaraderie on the job site. It’s also great for branding since passersby can recognize your company’s logo from a distance. Absher Construction in Puyallup, WA, has close to 200 workers, and they wear safety vests supplied by Northwest Custom Apparel.

They Provide Protection

Another benefit of custom-printed safety vests is that they provide an extra layer of protection against potential hazards on the job site. For instance, if something falls from above or a sudden impact from a vehicle, the extra padding provided by these vests could mean life-saving protection for your employees. The extra padding also provides an additional layer of insulation against cold temperatures while working at night or in colder climates.

Why Your Asphalt Company Needs Safety Vests

Overall, custom-printed safety vests provide an added layer of protection while helping ensure visibility and identity on construction sites like asphalt road crews. With bright colors, reflective stripes, logos, and extra padding, these protective garments ensure that all team members are easily recognizable while providing an additional layer of protection against potential hazards onsite. Investing in custom-printed safety vests is good for business and critical for ensuring employee safety!


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