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Custom t-shirt packaging ideas


Custom t-shirt packaging is something that can set your product and brand apart from everyone else. Here are some custom t-shirt packaging ideas to get you thinking outside the box.

t-shirt-packagingT-shirt packaging
T-shirt packaging is an interesting twist on tees that you really only encounter when buying t-shirts online. T-shirt packaging represents the container or envelope your t-shirts arrive in and I have also expanded it to include special goodies that the clothing company may have included.

So why is t-shirt packaging important?
T-shirt packaging is not only functional as a shipping device but also can add value and brand identity to the contents in the package and your company. T-shirt packaging will be the first thing that a customer is going to encounter when their t-shirt arrives, and thus it is your first chance as a clothing company to make an impression on your customer.

A great t-shirt package really sets the tone for a great brand, and really gives the customer something to talk, tweet, share about. If you go out of your way to create something extra and worthwhile chances are that someone that buys that tee is going to want to come back and buy more and also share that experience with their friends.

d2g-t-shirtCheap simple custom t-shirt packaging tips
Easy ways to make your packaging custom are to buy stickers and place them on the mailers. You can also stencil a design and spray paint that onto the mailer. I’ve also seen clothing companies get custom stamps and put those on mailers and they look very professional with a hand done feel to them.

In closing remember t-shirt packaging is your first chance to wow your customer and also establish brand image. From a customer’s standpoint they absolutely love it when a tee shows up in a great mailer, chalk full of goodies when they are not expecting it! To them it’s just more bang for their buck and really creates a positive image and vibe for that company and makes them want to share it with their friends.

From a Clothing Company standpoint remember your package is an extension of your brand, but if you cant afford to do custom boxes/envelopes do something else creative! Handwritten notes, or including extra goodies in the package are cheap and sometimes free ways to leave a lasting impression on your customer. Remember the goal is to not only have your customer enjoy their t-shirt, but you also want to turn them into a repeat customer and also have them spread the word to their friends and family about your brand!


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