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How to Get Your T-Shirts Printed in One Day


In by 10 out by 5

Yesterday we had a chance to back up our claim of “in by ten, out by five.

We had a group of US Marine corporals needing tee shirts to recognize their completion of the Marine corporal graduation school.

Art Work

The sergeant leading the class was down to the wire and needed one day to get shirts for the marine graduates. He found us on the internet and called our office. Of course we would be more than happy to do the order.

27977 militaryWe received the art work around ten in the morning and put it to the head of the line in our art department. Our world class artist Randy Fountain had the rip file ready to go in less the 2 hours.

Driving to San Mar

The next step was to get the shirts which presented no problem. We use the super supplier San Mar. A quick trip to Issaquah to get the shirts and return back to our factory in Milton, Wa. took about three hours. We had to drive to San Mar because the color of the shirts was Marine Corps green. We do not stock Marine Corps green. San Mar had them in stock. It is so nice to have our warehouse at San Mar

Printing and delivery

A quick round trip and we had the shirts in our printing department by 2 PM ready to print. Our very competent print staff picked up the ball and were ready to decorate and make our delivery schedule. It was a slam dunk doing the order. Our Kornit Storm 2 (number one DTG printer in the world) ceased the day and blew these shirts right on schedule.

We feel so good that we were able to perform this feat for our men in uniform. Our rule will be that any Military Unit


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