Guaranteed Quick Custom Printed T-Shirts that Will Blow Your Mind

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Direct-to-Garment Printing Provides Quick Turn-around on Custom Printed T-Shirts

Northwest Custom Apparel is the number 1 custom t-shirt printer in Seattle. They have been in business longer than any DTG printer in the Northwest. Custom printed t-shirts are their specialty, and they take pride in their work. Quick turnaround is what they do. You will be happy printing with them.

Custom printed t-shirts for car clubs, trucking companies, Printed in Seattle using Kornit Pirnters

Custom Printed T-Shirts using  Kornit Direct-to-Garment Printers.

Northwest Custom Apparel uses Kornit DTG printers, the best in the world. They are fast and the number one printer in the industry. Other printers are slow and break down all the time. Productivity is quicker than any DTG t-shirt printer in Seattle.

Kornit Storm Hexa DTG Printer and Brian
Kornit DTG Printers are #1 in the World. Full Color T-Shirt Prints by Northwest Custom Apparel

Direct-to-Garment Printers Loves Small Shirt Orders

The Kornit fast t-shirt printers let Northwest Custom Apparel print small orders. The company can print as little as a one-piece order. Car and motorcycle clubs like this fast t-shirt choice because they don’t have to pay for setups on reorders. A reorder would be for a new member who requires one shirt. Moreover, traditional screen printers charge $30.00 per color for a setup and ask for a minimum of 72 shirts.

Same-Day Printed custom printed T-Shirt Program.

Sometimes you have an unforeseen event where you need custom print t-shirts on the same day. Our fast t-shirt same-day Seattle custom t-shirt printing service will pull you out of a pickle and get you t-shirts the same day. Similarly, we are a DTG same-day custom t-shirt supplier in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. 

Finalize Your custom t-Shirt Order by 9:30 am for Guaranteed Same Day Seattle Delivery

Time is of the essence to pull off a same-day t-shirt print. Above all, coordinating the fast t-shirt includes proper artwork, sizes, shirt color, and delivery. Moreover, we need to finalize the information by 9:30 am and your final approval by 10:00 am. We offer only a black 100% cotton Port Authority t-shirt. The sizes are M-3XL, and the pricing is a 35% upcharge over our standard pricing. Please understand that we will do our best to fulfill your order. However, periodically, we are out of production capacity in our DTG department. In conclusion, call our customer service at 1-800-851-3671 to start your same-day custom t-shirt order. 

Regular T-Shirt Turnaround Time is 2 Weeks

Our regular turnaround time is two weeks when you are not in a hurry. You will not pay the 35% rush fee and will have access to additional styles and colors. You will be able to save money on your t-shirt order. Let our customer service team assist you with the best t-shirt style, color, and design layout.

Fast Same-Day Printed T-Shirts In Seattle

Contact NW Custom Apparel

Please get in touch with our customer service team at 253-922-5793 or use our contact form.

Address: 2025 Freeman Road East Milton, WA 98354

Why Graphic Design is Important For Your T-Shirt

If you want a t-shirt design that speaks for itself, look no further than Steve Deland. Deland has been an industry expert in apparel graphics for 40 years. His design portfolio has many business logos, cars, trucks, and team designs. When you want people to look at your t-shirt, you need Steve. He creates artwork quickly and has a 98% satisfaction rating, so redos are nearly ZERO. Think twice before using an online t-shirt designer. 

What Are The Duties of a T-Shirt Graphic Designer

A graphic designer makes custom graphics that are printed on t-shirts. When working with clients, they need to be friendly and engaged. Most importantly, they need to be thick-skinned and take constructive criticism well.

Steve Deland, Computer Screen
Steve Deland Designing a Naval T-Shirt for an Upcoming Navy Veteran Reunion. Steve can add the sailor’s last name to the shirt.

Truck T-Shirt Designs

Great truck t-shirt designs are those employees want to wear. Make sure your employee’s shirt doesn’t get stuffed into a drawer. Three truck renditions will inspire you. The original is our classic look taken from an iPhone. Additionally, the middle one is stylized, with highlights. The bottom one is a cartoon called Get Wild. These will inspire you while planning your truck shirt today.

Chevy Silverado 5500 HD Box Truck
3 Graphic Choices for Your Vehicle: Original, Stylize, Get Wild

Custom Fishing Boat Shirts

Custom boat t-shirts start with customized artwork by Steve Deland. Email us a photo of your boat and Steve will crop it, vectorize it and add text. Your design will be an original personalized shirt with your boat’s name. Commercial fishing vessels and fishing charters use t-shirts for their crew and clients.

  • Deep Sea Charters off the coast of Florida. T-shirts are popular in the Florida Keys.
  • Alaska Fishing Charters
  • Guided fishing charters
  • Gift Shops in Lodges
  • Kingfisher Charters in Sitka has used t-shirts to promote their business for over 25 years.
  • We have better graphics and pricing than the Custom Captain
Fishing Charter Boat in Alaska. Kingfihser lodge
Your fishing crew needs custom t-shirts with your fishing vessel and company name.

Why Brian, the Lead Operator, Loves DTG Printing

The information below was written by Brian Beardsley, NW Custom Apparel’s DTG Lead Operator since 2018

I like DTG over Screen Print and Transfers

In the world of custom apparel, there are many ways to get your designs and art onto a garment. Screen printing is an old solid that’s crisp but has limitations on order sizes and colors. Vinyl transfers are great but have a feel to them that might not be the best for every situation. My favorite is DTG printing for many reasons, but as an operator and graphic designer, I’ll review a few that sold me on DTG.

Usability and Practicality

Direct-to-garment printing machines are easy to use. They have no restrictions on colors, detail, or style. An artist can quickly move files to a DTG machine and print the design.

Some edits are needed to get the perfect print. Unlike screen print, the process doesn’t require color separations or screen burning. It’s plug-and-play, allowing artists and designers to get whatever they have dreamed of onto a t-shirt quickly.

DTG machines are excellent for small runs of 1 or 2 shirts. As a result, Amazon uses these machines to print thousands of single shirts.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The ink and pre-treatment for DTG machines are mainly water-based, making them have a low impact on the environment. Another process may use plastics or other chemicals to help the ink adhere to the shirt, or even the ink itself may harm the environment.

The method of printing onto a shirt with a DTG machine is very organic and allows the ink to absorb into the shirt instead of sitting on top. This process leads to a shirt that looks good and feels good. No more giant sticker feels or heavy prints that can make your t-shirt sag.

The only downside to this is that the shirt itself needs to have high cotton content. The organic materials used also need organic material to bond. Therefore, the best DTG shirts often have 100% cotton content.

This is How a DTG Printer Works

The Kornit printers we use are the best for DTG. They create an outstanding print in a short amount of time. Our excellent staff and the techy machines produce a great shirt. A computer attaches to the printer to load files and apply settings. However, this only scratches the surface of the machine’s operation.

A pneumatic vacuum system powered by a compressor moves the ink through the machine and onto the shirt. It also sprays the t-shirt inside the printer for a simple pre-treatment process. The pallets and rails use magnets to glide back and forth during printing. The built-in heaters inside the print orifices keep them at the right temperature.

A humidifier inside the machine ensures the ink is kept moist and doesn’t dry up before hitting the shirt. In addition, there are plenty of pumps, filters, and tubes. These create a complex unison of tech that allows the machine to do its job. More importantly, it gives the customer the shirt they want.


Direct-to-garment printing is for you if you want an eco-friendly and cool shirt. Let your vision run wild, and get your favorite art piece or photo on a shirt in no time. The team at Northwest Custom Apparel can guide you through the simple process.