Diego Garcia welcomes NW Custom Apparel

Northwest Custom Apparel takes pride in the fact that we have been providing decorated apparel to the US Navy in Diego Garcia since 1999. Diego Garcia is located 7 degrees north of the equator and directly south of India. You have to look it up on google to figure out what this island is all about.

T3717 yacht club flagsNorthwest Custom Apparel has been a supplier since 1999. We have done everything from bar coasters and shirts to caps for all the island residents. This is the design which has been applied to thousands of caps for the Diego Garcia Yacht Club.




p2462 goat lockerAnother project we have done was make embroidered shirts and caps for the island’s navy chiefs. The chief’s quarters are often referred to as the Goat Locker. In time honored tradition it is an honor to live in the “goat locker,” The anchors with the starts are images of the ranks of the Chief Petty Officers. No star is a chief, one star is a senior chief, two start is master chief.


j550The Moral Welfare is the group which makes this island enjoyable because they manage all the clubs, athletics, personal services, and recreation. It is one of the most loved units on the island. By the way haircuts, laundry massages are all free.

25375 yacht clubA very popular place to hang out is the yacht club. We have done designs for the yacht club which islanders can purchase and send home to remember their stay on the island. The yacht club has a bar (of course) and their membership is recognized by all the yacht clubs in the world. It pays to join especially if you are traveling.





M2004 The dogeThe island is owned by the British and as you know the Brits are famous for their clubs. Where ever their troops are stationed you’ll find a well stocked pub. There is a excellent British club on the island.

If you ever get to Diego Garcia this place is highly recommended. You must stop by and visit their gift store with all the neat British stuff.




T3217The island is often referred to as Dodge City. We took the time to make a special embroidery for the island gift shop. It highlights the famous donkeys which habit the island. Visit Dodge City and watch the donkeys play.



The whole purpose of this blog is to show that Northwest Custom Apparel can be found in all parts of the world.