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Different Stages in Branding Your Clothing Line


Gathering IdeasStage 1: GATHERING IDEAS

1# Write a list of company names you like and research how they came up with them. Since you’re trying to name a clothing brand, it would be best to investigate other similar businesses to see what you’re up against, assuming that all the ‘good’ names will be taken.

2# Write a list of 100-200 words that you associate with your business. This could be anything from values, to products and services, even words relating to your target market. Remember that you want your clothing brand to sound like what it is.

3# Make a list of keywords relating to your company, that highlight how your business differentiates from others in the sector. You may find that you offer something that represents a gap in the market, and you’ll certainly want to take advantage of that.

Check EverythingStage 2: CHECK EVERYTHING

Leave no domain unturned, no google search unchecked. In terms of the interest in growing as a business itself, you want to make sure that the obvious is covered. The domain name must be available. In fact, some clothing brands may start by checking for available domains before writing the lists, as essentially failure at this stage could stop you in your tracks.

Google your name. If you didn’t do it earlier, Google your name and variations of it. You don’t want anything negative associated with it, too many similar business names, or any scandals that could be confused as pertaining to your business activity.

Check a thesaurus AND a dictionary. In the case that you didn’t just invent your brand name, it’s always a fun task to see what other words are associated with the name. You may even find a better name in the process. It’s also a great way to make sure that you are 100% sure of what the name means.

Change the language. Let’s face it, some languages just sound sexier and more appetising. Try translating the name to see how it sounds in another mother tongue to see if you can add even more jazz to your brand identity.

Human CheckStage 3: HUMAN PROOF IT

I) The Bar Test: Imagine that you’ve just registered your new business name and you pop down to the pub to celebrate your victory in life, but there’s a live concert on. Someone asks you what your new enterprise is called, so you shout it in their ear.

Will they be able to: Remember it? Spell it? Pronounce it?

II) Readability test: Check text reaches a whole new level of geek in terms of name choosing, however, well worth a quick check. Pop the name into the online tool to check readability – the site also provides you with some excellent little SEO tips and tricks.

III) Common Sense: Invented names should be short -like etsy and ebay. Any longer and the human capacity to use them begins to fade.


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