Direct-to-Garment arrives in Seattle

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Seattle’s Same day Tees with DTG

What is DTG all about? DTG, or direct-to-garment printing, is the newest form of decorating for apparel in Seattle. This has created a rush to market by traditional copy machine manufacturers.

The problem is that companies that traditionally copy machine manufacturers are trying to enter this market. Their objective is to convert a copy machine into a printer that can print on garments. Tee shirts are the most popular item to print on. Northwest Custom Apparel can print and deliver in one day.

Major Problems

The major problem with these machines is that they are originally designed to make copies on paper. Paper printing and apparel printing are not the same. In an attempt to gain market share, these manufacturers are attempting to come up with something which is price competitive.

The sales pitch is that the machine is affordable. Being affordable and practical are not compatible. The price may look great, but producing 6 shirts an hour will not work. This is the bottom of the ladder when choosing digital printers. Do not buy one unless you can afford one which will allow you to be productive.

One thing to consider when buying low-priced machines is the steps to print a tee shirt. Also, consider that the low-priced machines will not print on dark material. They are designed to print on white tees only.

The process is as follows:

  1. Spray the shirt with pre-treatment
  2. Set the pre-treatment using a clamshell heat press
  3. Print the garment on a DTG printer which takes about 10 minutes to print a tee shirt
  4. Finally, heat press the tee shirt again to set the ink
  5. Fold, pack and ship.

The whole process is crazy and not worth the investment. This process makes your business a hobby. It is not a commercial process.

Northwest Custom Apparel is different.

None of the above applies to Northwest Custom Apparel, which uses state-of-the-art machines designed and built to print on apparel. Not one piece of paper will ever go on our machines.

Northwest Custom can print on dark material at a speed of 30 full front tees an hour. The small left chest can average 100 units per hour. This makes our prices very competitive. We offer as many colors as required with no extra charge. The price includes as many colors as needed in the design.28704 Kalles Junior High FP

This short blog explains why Northwest Custom Apparel purchases and uses quality equipment in its manufacturing process.






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