Effective headlines to get a first call from customer

The seven most effective headlines(and campaign themes) that can help you get a first call from a prospect who can be further converted into a customer:

phone-directory“Call us first!” This phrase is quite effective in and of itself in generating calls. For companies skilled in effecting “Good Phone,”there’s little doubt that if you can get the first call — or any call — from a Yellow Pages’ shopper, you’ve got a better shot at converting that caller to a customer than the other guys. (They lack the game plan, the tools, and the skills to beat you at fielding   inquiries).

“Get a second opinion.” This is a variation on the point above. l recommend this in areas where there’s a single dominant player who needs to be brought down a peg in size.

”We wrote the book on custom screen printing and embroidery in (town, area). For your free copy, call (phone number).” Unlike most of your competitors, you have a user-friendly express catalog and a price list working for you. More important to the purpose at hand, though, is giving a caller a very good reason to contact you.

“Buy Factory-Direct.” If the competition includes several sales agencies and you decorate in-house, this differentiates your company and gets the message across.

SUN68 MI - Negozio in viale Gorizia 30 a Milano - progetto Studio CP Architetti (Luca Cuzzolin ed Elena Pedrina)

“Visit Our Showroom” Many prospects want to see and feel the merchandise and this invitation assures them you’ve probably got what they’re looking for. Given that most of your custom competitors don’t have a real showroom(or even a good set of samples!),your showroom now is more than just a great selling tool, it’s a practical advertising book as well.

“We understand budgets and deadlines While it doesn’t necessarily mean you can do anything about their budgets and deadlines, this line does, however,generate calls.The message speaks to the hearts of your callers and because it’s in print, they tend to believe you mean it!

“We sell attention!” What customers buy from you is much more than apparel graphics products and services. They buy your talent, your expertise, your experience, and your If you’re good at what you do, people will come to you for advice as to what they should buy, what’s most affordable, what’s the latest in style and color, or what would look best.