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Effective means of Advertising your products



What makes radio so effective begins with its very nature as an intrusive medium, one that reaches listeners wherever and whenever they might be listening. Contrary to the ill-founded idea some might advance that people dial out commercials, the fact of the matter is a.) they generally don’t, and b.) many listeners actually enjoy good commercials! (Emphasis here on good.) Radio reaches and tells people about your company and your products whether they want to hear it or not. And, if the messages  are good,  it recruits prospects who wouldn’t have thought on their own to initiate an inquiry, former users who haven’t bought in a long time for a variety of reasons, and current buyers who’d like to compare what they’re getting now with what the radio advertiser has to offer.

televisionTelevision & Cable Television

Cable TV can, however, frequently be bought on a much narrower geographical basis than either radio or broadcast television.This makes it easier to target audiences with higher levels of income and home ownership, demographics that dovetail with those of the decision-makers you’re trying to attract. “Narrow casting” also is much more affordable than broadcasting. The best choices on cable TV for advertising custom apparel decorating are not mass entertainment channels, but cable news channels, Discovery, History, and A& E, because that’s where you’re much more likely to access the audiences that include the decision-makers who buy your product categories. ESPN and other sports programming channels are good for reaching men.


Like TV, billboards are better for creating awareness than for generating hard leads. Their usage usually is prohibitively expensive for most companies, especially if the boards are located on overcrowded main arteries. Aside from wonderfully creative campaigns for companies with huge advertising war chests,mainly use local billboards for posting directions or arrows to your shop.Consider those at intersections with traffic lights, where people have more time to read more text while they’re waiting for a light to change.


A good sign is a great way to broadcast your business and your location and very inexpensive as a long-term investment. If your company is,however, located on a major thoroughfare, use it to your advantage and spend as much as you can afford on high visibility signage, making your location plainly obtrusive.

The value of an attractive sign on a building with front age on a busy thorough fare is obviously considerable and begs the question of whether you should ponder moving your company to a location with better visibility.


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