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Elements of Success in Processing Leads


There are 10 Elements for Success in processing your leads into a comprehensive system that 1.) prescribes how to handle leads to maximize your ability to convert prospects making inquires into customers placing orders; 2.) converts those customers into long-term clients; and 3.) keeps the clients you earned while you continue to generate more leads and more customers.

The Venit Lead-Generation & Lead Processing Model: The 10 Elements for Success

  1. Effective Lead Response. E-mail inquiries, oblige the advertiser to respond as requested, and for maximum effect, as quickly as possible. Replies could include the quotation or information sought, or a telephone  call or, where feasible and appropriate, a response by a sales representative to schedule an appointment.
  2. Efficient  Communications Technology and Procedural Protocols. It essentially encompasses the company’s technical resources from its telephone systems to ts computer hardware and software — and the company’s defined -and written -procedures about how management wants leads handled.
  3. The Showroom Advantage The Website Advantage. An effective website and an effective showroom are the resources that help move would-be buyers one step closer to a positive decision to do business with you.10-essential-elements
  4. Effective Lead (& Account) Management. A lead from whatever source it comes should be assigned to that person or department who is best to convert that lead or prospect into a buyer.
  5. Efficient Data Management. Once a lead has been obtained, regardless of whether it walked in, called in, or e-mailed in, the contact data is entered into a database of new prospects.
  6. The Express Catalog. A catalog that includes every products a company sells with details of the product.
  7. The Express Price List. A express price list that includes pricing of every products a company sells.
  8. Motivated Sales Professionals. All sales perofessional whether they are field people or customer service staff should be self-motivated.
  9. Fair Management. Management should be fair to all employees and rules & regulations should be same to every employee.
  10. System Maintenance and Revitalization. System maintenance simply means there’s sufficient leadership in the sales department to see to it that the policies and procedures are being followed every day by every person who has contact with prospects and customers.

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