Embroidered Caps Make Your #1 Seattle Business Look Amazing

Johnny Utah Beer Cap, Rainier Beer Sign, Washington Husky Bucket Cap, State of Washington

Embroidered Caps

Seattle embroidered caps are trendy at Seattle’s Northwest Custom Apparel. Erik Mickelson believes when it comes to logoed headwear, less is more. His motto is “Keep it simple, stupid.” Do not have a lot of detail in your custom embroidery. Just keep it nice and simple. In addition, we recommend if you can draw it with a Sharpie, we can embroider it. 

Believe it or not, one popular style is the country cowboy hat. The Ellensburg Rodeo has its logo printed on the cowboy hat band. Rainier Country Club has golf caps with a custom print on the band. Richardson caps are still an excellent choice for sports teams.

Johnny Utah Pale Ale Cap Seattle
One of Erik Mickelson’s favorite beers in Seattle is Johnny Utah, and his favorite cap is Richardson.

Other Headwear Items

Another trendy item is a fleece headband.  We can logo a one-inch custom print on the front. Furthermore, they come in many colors, black, navy, black, and white. 

Mega Cap in Los Angeles has low-profile structure fashion caps with fiber optic lights. As a result, you can have blinking lights on your hat. It runs off a double A battery. Above all, it can light up your company logo: blinky lights and 3D Puff stitching for parties and tradeshows.

Head Band Man Wearing
Embroidered Head Bands make good giveaways at tradeshows.

Philadelphia Rapid Transit sells microfiber Aussie embroidered caps. They supply unique headwear. Below are their top-selling hats.

  • Derbies
  • Fedoras
  • Aussie Outback Hats

 Pacific Headwear has been in business for over twenty years. They’re located in Coburg, Oregon. Below are their top-selling caps.

  • Fashion camouflage on the bill
  • Glamo Trucker Cap
  • Mesh Back Caps

Cap Suppliers Love Northwest Custom Apparel

Port Authority’s warehouse is in Preston, Washington. The Nordic beanie is Marty Lott‘s choice. Marty, owner of Sanmar, and his son Jeremy’s core values are Be Nice and Tell the Truth. Sanmar is 15 miles from Seattle, which makes shipping fast. 

Equally important is H & C Headwear, located in Los Angeles. CEO John Lee’s favorite beanie is a knitted beanie he designed while attending Harvard. In addition, the color selection is incredible. John’s best-selling colors are Harvard Red and Husky purple. John is a 1990 graduate of the University of Washington. “Go DAWGS”!

Richardson is a cap distributor from Eugene. Kelly Richardson is the owner and designer of the 112 trucker embroidered caps. Embroidering the 112 with colorful thread makes designs pop. The University of Oregon and Phil Knight are Kelly’s leading cap clients. Nike likes the sturdy mesh back lining of the 112. Likewise, the U of O football team wears Richardson caps on the sidelines.

Jim Mickelson, CEO of Northwest Custom Apparel, is a customer of Sanmar, H & C Headwear, and Richardson Headwear. Marty and Jim’s business friendship date back to 1977. Marty was selling t-shirts from the back of his car. Jim was embroidering patches in Tacoma.

John Lee met Jim in 1998 while starting H & C Headwear. Dave Harris introduced Jim to John, and they instantly became friends. In the early 2000’s John built a warehouse in Auburn, WA, to distribute caps in the Northwest. Northwest Custom Apparel was a 15-minute drive to the warehouse. The proximity of the warehouse made it easy to manufacture embroidered caps.

Embroidered Golf Rope Caps

Golf or “Rope Caps” are making a statement around Seattle and Tacoma. It is a golf embroidered cap with a braided rope above the hat’s brim. These were made famous by the 1980 movie Caddyshack. Many professional athletes from the Kraken sport the Rope Cap during press conferences. Northwest Custom Apparel is a Supplier of Spacecraft Caps.

To conclude, call Northwest Custom Apparel if you’re looking for embroidered caps. Since they’re located in Seattle, Washington, ordering will be easy. Northwest Custom Apparel’s phone number is 253-922-5793.

custom embroidery

Live Video from Inside our Embroidered Caps Department

Custom Embroidered Caps are stitched in our local factory.

Marty Lott and Jim Mickelson Partnership

 Marty Lott and Jim Mickelson have been cap partners for almost 50 years. He peddled t-shirts from the trunk of his car while attending the University of Washington in 1971. Jim began selling caps in Alaska in 1977. Likewise, they still work in their businesses today. 

Marty Sold Foam Caps in 1971

In 1971 Marty sold foam front caps with mesh and a snapback. Most of the caps were custom embroidered since it increased the value of the cap. He was the first cap distributor in Seattle. Several years later, he hired his first sales rep at Sanmar, Jim Armstrong.

Marty hired Dan Tushar as the Vice-President of sales. Dan took sales from $100,000,000 to nearly 1 billion a year. Dan’s son, Phil Tushar, is an account rep with Sanmar.

Jim Sold Patch Caps in 1977

Jim’s best-seller in 1977 was an embroidered trucker cap with a patch. Jim bought his caps from Paramount Headwear in Missouri. Paramount sold 100% American-made caps. Shortly after meeting Marty Lott, Jim began buying foam caps from Marty. This was when Jim and Marty started a business connection that spans almost 50 years.

Jim Wearing Patch Cap 1977
Owner Jim Mickelson wearing one of the first patch caps in Seattle in 1977.,

Where Can I Purchase Embroidered Caps?

You can purchase embroidered caps at Northwest Custom Apparel. They carry the brands in the list below.

  • Sanmar
  • Port Authority
  • Richardson
  • Pacific Headwear
  • H & C Headwear
  • Philadelphia Rapid Transit
  • New Era
  • Nike
  • Spacecraft
  • Mega Caps
  • Outdoor Cap
  • Otto Caps
  • The North Face
  • Carhartt

Northwest Custom Apparel’s Best Selling Cap Styles list below

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