Understanding Embroidered Caps in the City of Tacoma, Washington.

T-Town Caps with 2 embroidered Caps that say, Cecannti and Archer Construction

Custom embroidered caps are the ultimate way to promote a company’s brand in the city of Tacoma, Washington. No matter where you go in Tacoma, you will see embroidered caps. Next time you are at Tacoma’s Rainiers baseball game, look at the different company caps in the stands. I am sure you will see Mariner and Seattle Seahawk caps. Likewise, you will be blown away when you see all the local companies with their logo emblazed in stitches.  As long as there are human heads in Tacoma, embroidered caps will always be worn. 

Stitches in a Design determine embroidery Price

First, when purchasing embroidered caps, be aware the bigger the design, the more the cost. The embroidery price is determined by the amount of time it takes to stitch your design. Above all, logos with lots of stitches aren’t suitable for orders less than 24 caps. Small cap orders are expensive due to the setup costs of the embroidery machine.

ABC Transmission Custom Embroidered Navy Blue Cap
ABC Transmission knows the importance of embroidered caps for their marketing program

Ask a Tacoma embroidery expert for a FREE Quote.

Tacoma embroidery shop owners recommend you get a free professional quote. Above all, an embroidery expert can estimate the stitches in your design. As much as you want to order caps right away. It is essential to get quotes from embroidery shops near Tacoma. Your budget is vital if you are a first-time embroidered cap buyer. You can call Northwest Custom Apparel at 253-922-5793 for a FREE Quote.

Some of the well-known lines of caps in Tacoma are Port & Company. They have their headquarters in Issaquah. Richardson Caps in Eugene, OR, specializes in trucker caps with mesh backs. The Tacoma Rainier baseball team wears Richardson Caps. Pacific Headwear in Eugene is another Tacoma favorite. The golf cap with a rope on the brim is popular with corporate headquarters in downtown Tacoma. We use these cap suppliers because they are located in the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, if you shop for caps on the web, check them out. In addition, you can purchase these cap brands at Northwest Custom Apparel.

Tacoma’s Aabergs Equipment Gives Away Caps

Furthermore, you must realize your customers don’t have time to read trade journals. For example, Aaberg’s Equipment Rental maintains customer loyalty by offering free caps with Aaberg’s logo on the front. The caps become collector items and never get thrown away.

Reminders When Purchasing Embroidered Caps in Tacoma

You probably visited this blog because you are interested in caps. Give Northwest Custom Apparel a call. Our customer service reps will be more than happy to walk you through your first order. We will even provide samples to make buying caps a lot easier. Working with a human is much easier than making an order via e-mail. We were founded in Tacoma, WA, in 1977 and have sold caps to thousands of Tacoma companies.

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