Reasons Why is Embroidery Near Me and You?

Family Is Why Embroidery is Near Me

Since growing up in an embroidery family, I have had embroidery near me for 46 years. It is always near me in some shape or form. Embroidery has been the lifeblood of our family since 1977. At a very young age, I learned the craft of custom embroidery in Seattle from my father. I am excited to tell you more about our factory, staff, clients, and friends. 

Ruthie Nhoung is our plant manager since 1998

Our Staff Love Embroidering

The staff at Northwest Custom Apparel have a passion for embroidery. Our operators ensure it’s clean and crisp, so each customer’s expectations are exceeded. Full back embroidery on Carhartt jackets or a dozen Richardson hats, our staff meticulously watching each stitch. It takes time, dedication, and passion for the perfect stitch.

Embroidery is Near Me and is Your Local Embroidery Shop

Imagine you have been in contact with Northwest Custom Apparel’s Sales Team. Likewise, together you have chosen the perfect gear, counted and reconfirmed the number of employees who need each style, and calculated a reasonable cost for your customized apparel. Two weeks later, you get the email that states your order is ready for delivery or pick up. In addition, you opted for pick-up because you’re curious to see what the embroidery plant looks like. Coupled with curiosity, you excitedly walk to the Customer Pick Up door in the building closest to Freeman Rd and Yuma St in Milton, WA. You may be a bit nervous and wondering just how your order of customized snapback caps and embroidered Eddie Bauer jackets or work aprons with quirky phrases and management-style logoed polos will turn out.

Brooks Brothers Embroidery Factory
Sometimes Embroidery Near Me is found in Alaska, not just Seattle.

Let Us Wow You With Embroidery

Customers are greeted warmly, often by name, and before you know it, the order is stacked in boxes before you. Likewise, there may be a little fanfare as the boxes are opened because Northwest Custom Apparel Customer Service staff are just as excited as you are to see how it all turned out.

Embroidery Near Me. Embroidery Machine Near Erik and Seattle
Embroidery Near Me has been Part of Erik’s life since 1977 while living in Seattle.

You’re feeling a bit giddy. You look inside the box, and just like many of our loyal customers have experienced, you are stunned. It’s miraculous! Your vision has come to life. Moreover, the colors of the embroidery thread are dazzling. The fine, intricate details in your logo have been meticulously sewn. The garments are exceptional. The Carhartt Jackets have been detailed in areas you thought impossible to place a design. Still, the Embroidery Machine Operators have somehow found a way to give you precisely what you ordered.

Even the monograms are spelled right because we’re not trying to be like a coffee shop over here. Northwest Custom Apparel cares about even the smallest detail. Your embroidered garments will be better than you ever dreamed they could be.

How You Can Have Embroidery Near Me

You can experience Northwest Custom Apparel’s excellent customer service and outstanding embroidery workmanship. Go to our website and contact us. You’ll be able to provide your contact information and a description of your customized gear project. Our Sales Team will contact you to begin the painless process of placing your order. In no time, you’ll be wowed again and again by your local embroidery business, Northwest Custom Apparel.


About Erik Mickelson

Erik Mickelson is the author of Northwest Custom Apparel's blogs. Erik has been with Northwest Custom Apparel since 1996 after graduating from Washington State University and is the founder of the Apparel Graphic Academy. Trained by the custom graphic apparel industry's best, Mark Venit, Erik brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Embroidery Adventure blog. As they say, 'Experience is the best teacher.' We are proud to have Erik as part of our team!