The TRUTH of Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts in Seattle

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The truth of custom embroidered polo shirts in Seattle or golf shirts is famous in the Northwest Custom Apparel catalog of Seattle springtime apparel.  The polo shirt is universal for men and women and consists of hundreds of different styles, colors, sizes, and styles. Furthermore, many businesses purchase polo shirts for front office help, outside sales reps, and servers for their restaurant.

The pricing of custom embroidered polo shirts is better and better.  A good polo is generally a 100% cotton polo shirt with a collar and three buttons.  A better polo consists of a pique fabric, three buttons, and color blocks.  The best category of a polo shirt is generally a Nike, Cutter & Buck, or OGIO polo. These polo shirts come in performance fabrics in many sizes and colors.

What is the Price Range for Custom Polo Shirts in Seattle?

The price ranges for custom embroidered polo shirts in Seattle vary from $25-$35.00.  A better polo goes from $35-$50.  The best pull ranges from $50 to $100 if you get into a Nike or cutter and Buck with performance fabric with all the bells and whistles.

Embroidery is the best option for decorating custom polo shirts in Seattle.. 99% of all logos on polishers are placed on the left chest of the polo.   The logo is also placed on the left chest so that the person shaking hands can see your logo when you shake hands.  We suggest a simple low stitch count lightweight embroidered logo gently with 1 to 3 colors. Famous for 2023 is a tone-on-tone and brother local, which gives it a minimalistic look, so it doesn’t stand out while wearing a nice polo shirt.

Embroidery tips when placing a polo shirt order. It would help if you were prepared to order at least 12 polo shirts. The reason is most embroidery machines embroider 12 polo shirts at a time, so doing anything less than 12 pieces will reduce the productivity of the embroidery company and cost you more money.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of different polo styles, and we can help you pick the best-embroidered polo for your business.. By giving Northwest Custom Apparel a call, you will be in good hands, and our trained sales staff can walk you through the custom polo shirts in Seattle.

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