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Benefits of Company Webstores


Free Up Marketing Budget

Advertise Your Business Brand Awareness


Reduce your marketing budget

Here’s how you can get free advertising and a giant boost in employee morale. Sounds suspect, it isn’t. Just read on for our simple suggestion. Sometimes the easiest ideas work.

A few terms I will be using in this blog are impressions, employee morale, employee performance points, and actual spendable bonus points. There are more but my objective is to give the reader a simple cost-effective method to achieve this simple goal.

Get your name out front

The main object of marketing and advertising is to get your name if front.  In other words you want to create a brand. Creating a brand takes time and money. A small company with few resources cannot nor do they have the funds to do any big marketing campaign. do this and create a company store. In this store we make available free apparel for our employees.

When someone wears your brand, they create impressions

Your objective is to get your employees, their families and friends to wear your branded apparel where it can be seen. Your market is defined as your neighborhood and not the whole county, state our country. Let the Coca Colas own the world.

You want to create impressions. Studies show that a cap will be seen by at least 3,000 sets of eyeballs before it dies. Tees and wearing apparel are pretty close to being the same. Think how many eyeballs a kids softball team gets during the season. All when they are wearing a $7.50 tee for every game. At that age the tee ball shirts become collector items. Think how many adults see that logo. Average impression costs less than a

Provide quality apparel which will be proudly be worn

Show your employee you care and give them a quality piece of branded apparel.  When the item is worn with pride a raving employee is born. Your objective should be to let the employee earn bonus points and with those points shop in the company store. Points can be for perfect attendance, quality control, accident free days or what ever goal you want to set.

A classic idea for a company is our website We use this a platform to sell local tee shirts. We also put our company designs on this web site and allow our employees to spend their bonus points on branded apparel.


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