Employees can be walking billboards

Turn your employees into walking billboards.
So many companies don’t realize that everyone working for a company should be a potential salesman. In the marines we had a saying that “everyone is a rifleman first.” This should be the attitude of all companies and their workforce should be treated as such.

  • I find so many service companies that have employees interacting with the public looking like they just got out of bed. They don’t even have a dress code but the owners seem to have a beautiful office with a desk you can ice skate on. Is this company pride?
  • The old saying “You never have a chance to make a first impression.” Need we say more?
  • In these days where everyone thinks a criminal is behind every rock it is necessary to alleviate that fear if you have employees calling on customers. Who knows if a gardener is really a gardener or some interloper hanging around a person’s property?

The value of logoed merchandise.
Outfitting your employees with your company logo is a surefire way to bring employees into the loop of being on the team. Even if they don’t interact with customers it makes perfect sense to provide them with some form of positive identification.

  • What if each employee wearing company apparel brings in one new customer over a year’s time. The cost of customer acquisition is well worth the expense of a branded shirt, jacket, or cap.
  • Branded merchandise is the perfect ice breaker when someone asks the question “I see you work for company x, tell me a little about your company. You now have an employee who becomes a salesman and doesn’t ever realize it.

Northwest Custom Apparel has been providing logo apparel for 39 years and can share the benefits of this in a company’s marketing program. The value of branded merchandise will definitely bring everyone on the team.