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Why Safety Vests are Important on a Jobsite

Safety Vests

Safety Vests are vital for the protection of workers. Safety managers must learn the different safety vest classes, so the company complies with OSHA standards and regulations.

Safety Vests

Why should workers wear safety vests?

Use safety vests to be seeable by traffic and pedestrians. The bright Hi-Visibility of safety vests comes in two popular colors. The colors are safety orange or safety green.

Class 1 OSHA Safety vest

  • For grocery courtesy clerks that push carts in a parking lot, a Class1 OSHA safety vest is a great choice. 
  • Use the vest where traffic is traveling 25 miles less.
  • The amount of reflective tape is 155 sq. inches or 6 feet of tape 2 inches wide.

Class 2 OSHA Safety vest

  • Class 2 is the most required because they meet all standards to provide good visibility for high-hazard areas with fast traffic.
  • All road construction mandates the use of a class 2 vest.
  • Do not use class 2 safety vests at night since they do not have enough reflective taping. 

CornerStone® – ANSI 107 Class 2 Safety Vest

  • Style CSV400
  • 100% polyester oxford
  • 3M™ reflective taping
  • Reflective 2-inch tape
  •  ANSI 107 requirements 
  •  360-degree visibility on the body.
  • Molded center front zipper closure
  • Dyed-to-match binding
  • Please fully zip to comply with ANSI/ISEA 107 standards.

Class 3 OSHA Safety vest

Night work must use class 3 OSHA vests with reflective sleeves, where an entire silhouette is visible. 

Class 3 ANSI 107 Surveyor Mesh Zippered Two-Tone Short Sleeve Vest

  • Style CSV106
  • Polyester mesh provides 100% airflow to stay calm. 
  • Durable, reflective 2-inch tape
  •  ANSI 107 necessities 
  • 360-degree visibility on body silhouette
  • Safety Orange

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