Examples of Successful Bulk T-shirt Printing Campaigns

bulk-t-shirt-printing-single-grainHere are some examples of campaigns that used bulk T-shirt printing successfully:

Simple Grain made $500K in revenue by giving away T-shirts

This is an example of great marketing. In this article, Sujan Patel explains how he got lucrative deals by just giving away and wearing his company’s T-shirt.

Mailchimp gives away 1000 T-shirts to their fans

Back in 2009, Mailchimp organised a campaign where they gave away free T-shirts to their followers on Facebook and Twitter.

bulk-t-shirt-printing-coca-colaCoca-Cola gives away free T-shirt’s in London’s railway stations

During the summer of 2015, Coca-Cola strategically placed tees dispensing machines in some of London’s busiest railway stations. If you tweeted the name of a Coca-Cola type along the hashtag #ChooseHappiness then the machine would give you a garment, along with a bottle of the soft beverage, of course.

“Eres Fuerza” marathon against breast cancer

The marathon organised by Spanish water brand Font Vella is a good example of the marketing potential of bulk T-shirt printing. No one will be left indifferent after seeing a river of pink T-shirts.

bulk-t-shirt-printingo2-O2 gives away rugby shirts

In an effort to promote the English Rugby team for the upcoming Rugby World Cup, O2 organised a contest where they would give away rugby shirts to fans if certain conditions were met.

ESL Manila gives official T-shirts to team Captains

Need to dress a lot of people in the same way at an event? Then look no further. Making your entire team wear the same garment will create an impression. We cannot stress it enough, a T-shirt is a great marketing tool. On top of that, everyone will be comfortable.

bulk-t-shirts-2SRAM at Red Bull’s Joyride at Crankworx

Bike components seller SRAM sells T-shirts with the names of famous cyclists at Red Bull’s Joyride at Crankworx. Ordering in bulk will ensure you have more than enough units to give away. Even if you buy more than you need, it means you’ll have some left for your next event!

Basic Stüssy Tee

Most fashion and T-shirt designers have a “signature” piece. This is the garment that made them famous, the one everyone must have. If you’ve already got a design that sells very well season after season, then why not invest on a large order that’s going to sell over time anyway?

Closing thoughts

Bulk T-shirt printing can help you make your campaign or business more efficient:

  • It can help you save money
  • It is good for the environment
  • It guarantees consistency in the quality of the products
  • It helps save time
  • And it’s great when you need large quantities of T-shirts