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Some of the most expensive fashion brands in the world


We conducted a research on the most expensive fashion brands in the world, followed by pursuing some of their most expensive, currently for sale, t-shirts and this is what turned up:


The British brand best known for its trench coats has repositioned itself in recent years as a leader in luxury fashion thanks in part, as we already mentioned, to strategies like raising their prices. Even though the company recently announced it will cut jobs to save on some money, it still has a profit of around £2,500 million.


This Italian label is often quoted as one of the most expensive and profitable brands in the world with annual profits of up to €800 million. Led by creative director Karl Lagerfeld, the brand has had its fair share of controversy thanks to its famous fur coats and most recently opposing Rome’s 2016 Pride and then quickly changing their mind.

philipppleinPhilipp Plein

This German designer is relatively new in the fashion scene, but still has become the favorite of many. Now his shows are one of the most expected during Milan fashion week. According to this Forbes article, he makes more money than Roberto Cavalli, who has been in the industry for much longer.


The brand that became famous thanks to its bamboo embellished purses, has gone through many identities throughout the decades. From a relatively conservative brand, it turned into a Rock & Roll glam groupie during the Tom Ford years, then into a Boho Chic girl when Frida Giannini was in charge and now has resurfaced as an androgynous


Armani made itself famous for being one of the first to design with the working woman in mind back in the 80’s. The Italian company features six different clothing lines available to the consumer of which Giorgio Armani is the most expensive. The brand has an annual revenue of €1.8 billion.


The opulence of Italian luxury and decadence has always been and always will be Versace. Even through their up and downs, most notably the death of its founder Gianni Versace, no one can deny the influence this brand has had in the industry of fashion and pop culture. Versace’s profits raised to around €480 million in recent years.

Dolce & Gabbana

Regardless of the many controversies Domenico and Stefano have endured over the years and it is still one of the highest earning high-end fashion brands. According to, the company founded by the Italian duo generated £800 million in the last fiscal year.


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