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Fall Embroidered Apparel 2016 Northwest Custom Apparel


New Fall Apparel at Northwest Custom Apparel

t’s fall at Northwest Custom Apparel and it is jacket season. It’s sweatshirt season. It’s hoodie season and windbreaker season. This line of fall apparel at Northwest Custom Apparel, we’ve got some new items out. We have the Core 65 jacket by North End. This is a key category. It’s basic with performance design that focuses in a consistent, universal color palette. The people that use this are light-duty occupational, service industry and uniforming and value corporate. The retail inspiration for the Core 65 is Lands End, Nike, Eddie Bauer, Columbia and Charter Club. For those who purchased these items: Gildan, Jerzees, Columbia, Port Authority, should all really enjoy the Core 365 by North End.

Harriton Embroidered Apparel

FV Watchman

Our next item coming up for the fall is the Harriton. It’s an apparel designed for key occupational verticals with focus on value and functionality. Some of the people that use this, some of the industries are the food and beverage industry, hospitality and resort, sales and service, value business, identity, manufacturing and warehouse, tradesmen and craftsmen, outdoor and performance, customer facing occupational. New for fall we do have some healthcare for the Harriton. This was inspired by the retail brands you see out in the retail industry at your local malls: Cabelas, Dickies, Carhartt, JC Penney’s, DRI DUCK and Red Kap. For those who purchased these items will love the Harriton items. If you purchased Red Kap, Cornerstone, DRI DUCK or Edwards garments, you will love the Harriton.

2015-05-06-13-27-52Ultra Club

Our next item is the Ultra Club. It focuses on corporate with a sporty design focus. Some of the people that use this in user profiles are corporate outfitting, corporate events, corporate gift giving, corporate programs and corporate identity. Retail inspirations to this are Cutter & Buck, Charter Club, Vineyard Vines, Charles River and Sperry Topsider. For the people that purchase these items will also love the Ultra Club. If you purchased Devon & Jones, Bill Blass, Core 365 and Port Authority, Ultra Club will be the next choice.

Team 360

If you’re a sports team, Team 365 is for the performance gear designed for athletes. All sport, head sweats, flex fit, dynomite and champion use same SGMA colors. The sporting competitions that love using the Team 365 are the training, light competition, warm up events, travel events, team identity, coaching staff and fan and supporter. Some of the retail inspiration for the Team 365 are Under Armour, Adidas, Bauer, Easton, Nike. If you purchase these items you will love the Team 365: Sport Tech, Badger Sport, Augusta Sport, Holloway and Champion.

Extreme Brand

Next item is the Extreme brand. It’s a polo category with focus on performance features with matchables, coordinates to select North End styles. The industries out there that purchase the Extreme: light duty occupational, service industry, uniforming, value corporate and customer facing occupational. The Extreme is inspired by these retail companies: Dickies, Oakley, Cutter & Buck, Adidas, Nike. If you love these items you will love the Extreme line. If you purchased Ultra Club, New Balance, OGIO and Devon & Jones, Extreme is your perfect choice to outfit your company.

Devon & Jones

Devon & Jones is an awesome new brand that’s coming out at Northwest Custom Apparel. Corporate and executive sportswear with an updated classic design focused in a harmonized color palette for integrated corporate outfitting. Some color harmonization with key North End collections for classic and active outfitting opportunities. The main industries that use the Devon & Jones are corporate outfitting, corporate events, corporate gift giving, corporate programs, and of course, corporate identity. Devon & Jones was inspired by these major brands: Ann Taylor, Kenneth Cole, Lands End, Vineyard Vines, Peter Miller and Brooks Brothers. For the people who have purchased these items will love the Devon & Jones. If you purchased Red House, Port Authority, Van Heusen, Lands End or Roots73, Devon & Jones is your choice in corporate apparel.

North End Jackets

Finally, the North End brand is corporate and executive performance sportswear with an active athletic outdoor and travel design focus. Some color harmonization with Devon & Jones and North End. Key collections for classic and active outfitting opportunities. The key industries that use the North End Sport are corporate outfitting, corporate events, corporate gift giving, corporate programs and corporate identity. The North End was inspired by these major retail inspirations: REI, Helly Hansen, Spyder, Marmot, Oakley, Eddie Bauer, The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia. If you purchased these at retail, these items you will love the North End Sport. If you ever purchased Puma, Adidas, Marmot, OGIO, Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Under Armour and Roots73. Of course, you don’t want to leave out Nike Golf.

Northwest Custom Apparel Showroom

These are the private label brands that are available at Northwest Custom Apparel this fall. Come on by. Check it out. All the items are in stock, in our showroom. Our factory is ready. 2025 Freeman Road East, Milton, Washington, 98354.


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